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  • hi can you please help me with finding out what product this is


    I came across your site a few weeks back while googling something, you carry some nice gear. I have an idea for another water cooled tech station build. It will be i7 based and will need to source all the parts. I can get the basic hardware through my company but I will have to source outside for the water cooling gear as it isn't carried by the regular distribution channels that we use. I especially like your 'build it yourself' options for EK reservoirs and if the project goes through I'll be building a completely different water setup than the last ( http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/gallery/27695-water-cooled-tech-station-build.html ) and I'll likely try and source most if not all of the water gear from your shop.

    If it turns out I'll post the project log on your forum
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