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    Game Of Thrones (WARNING: Contains Spoilers)

    Benioff and Weiss are not going to take the best plot lines unless it’s absolutely necessary. They want to leave some meat on the bone for GRRM and the books. I would not be surprised with an ambiguous ending. Once the books are done they will come back and do a reboot.
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    circle cable fastener/clips question?

    https://www.lowes.ca/staples/zenith-14-in-coax-cable-nail-fastener-20-pack_g1477448.html https://www.amazon.ca/Monoprice-Circle-cable-clips-100pcs/dp/B0019R6SO0 https://www.amazon.ca/Your-Cable-Store-Ethernet-6mm/dp/B00481IPZY
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    New Nas Box!

    FreeNAS will do it but it's tied to ZFS, which is great if you need it but it can be a bit of an overkill for a media server. If you don't need ZFS take a look at XigmaNAS (the original FreeNAS) which supports other file systems. All you need is a Pentium. If your budget allows get a C-series...
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    Plex media server

    I rather transcoding in advance where I can have better control of the process with Handbrake, I also know of people who have strong preference with one HEVC decoder over another. Anyways, storage is cheap. Last time I looked into HEVC decoding was more than a year ago and things probably have...
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    Plex media server

    You need it to transcode 4K HEVC in real time? Have you tried working with Plex's Media Optimize function? https://support.plex.tv/articles/214079318-media-optimizer-overview/
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    hardware for a 'simple' FreeNAS system?

    If you don't need to transcode a Pentium is usually enough, but the biggest added expense is that mobos with ECC support are not going to be cheap. I have a QNAP TS-231P and it'll work fine as a media server as long as you don't need to transcode or have it do other stuff like security cams...
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    hardware for a 'simple' FreeNAS system?

    Are you considering using ECC or not? You need to be sure of your storage needs. Biggest problem with FreeNAS is that expanding storage later on is not trivial, i.e., you cannot expand a 5x4TB RAIDZ2 vdev by adding another 4TB drive to it. Do you plan to run Plex in a jail and will you need...
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    new home server build

    With that budget I'd start with Supermicro mobo and ECC RAM. The C236 chipset supports up to 8 SATA drives there's no need for HBA or RAID card unless you're set on running HW RAID. RAID 5 is generally considered to be depreciated. In a home environment with only a few clients the added width...
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    who say a MAC is surcure

    Windows also trained users to ignore and click through security warnings. One of the very first Band-Aid MSFT put on XP was a pop-up warning when executing any file download from the internet -- which for most people is close to 100% false positive. UAC would work a lot better if people would...
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    Anyone have experience with monitor arms ?

    How heavy is the 55" LED? Ergotron (I just love their stuff <g>) have at least one wall mount arm that can support up to 70lbs. Not cheap. Ergotron 45-304-026 Interactive Wall Mount Monitor Arm
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    Anyone have experience with monitor arms ?

    I'm using a Ergotron dual arm for side-by-side Dell U2713/15 and I'm currently looking at the Ergotron 45-295-026 for another setting with stacked Dell2715s since it's much cheaper than a dual arm and the 25lb capacity is more than double the weight of the U2715. Ergotron 45-295-026 LX Desk...
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    A good 4TB portable hdd

    I've been using a 2.5" 4tb seagate expansion for about 9 months now, use it once a week for archiving backups off site. It came with a bad cable -- most likely the micro-b ss connector which had a lot of play and the drive would dismount with the slightest touch. Once I've changed the cable it's...
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    shaw 2 year plan.

    I get weary of deals from Shaw. Once they offered us a "free for 3 months" deal on a digital tv box, a year later they had to give one to anyone who don't already have a digital box for free when they moved most of their programming off analog. Then there was the free DOSCIS 3.0 modem upgrade...
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    First Build Since 2009

    If they need to be driven by an amp you'll probably have more options going with USB DAC/Amp then with a sound card.
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    antivirus question

    The only free av I use is MSE/Defender and those systems are locked down.

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