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    Completed Typical Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic - 3000 Ryzen Build

    Green cooling looks sooo amazing!)
  2. dentoman

    9980xe vs 9900k which is worth it

    I wouldn't overpay a 4-x price for 9980xe. Most games are not optimized for more than 4 cores, and only a few of them can use even 6 or 8. But you don't get any noticeable performance boost in games if you have 18 vs 8 cores...
  3. dentoman

    i9-10900K could be sucking over 300 watts - probable reason for its delay - motherboards pulled from display at CES

    Yeah, but given AMD has new 7nm CPUs, looks like them switch places in 2020)
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    Lisa Su confirms "Big Navi" in 2020

    +1. And match 3070/3080 for lower price.
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    Upgrade Question - rtx 2080 to RTX 2080 Super

    You won't notice much difference upgrading to 2080 Super. If i were you, I'd wait until Nvidia release 3-th gen card, or for newer AMD 7-nm cards. Or as other members recommended - get more power CPU, like 9900K. p.s. I also wouldn't update to 2080 TI with current CPU...
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    Upgrade suggestions

    I'd rather get GTX 1070. 1080 or better would be overkill imho.
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    GN Benchmarks i7-6700K and i5-6600K against Newer CPUs

    Yeah. We didn't get noticeable performance improvements in the last 6-7 year. For example my Macbook Pro 15 2012 not so much slower in day to day tasks then 2019 model. I mean programs that use only one core, which is majority.