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    Whats your latest purchase?

    A bluray writer Asus BW-16D1HT (can now rip 4k blu ray) and a new monitor, Asus VG279 27" ips 144hz. Wow, it replaced my ASUS VW266H 25.5IN that I got in 2010 from ncix. What a difference.
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    Computer POST but then Black Screen

    Huum, could be that bug where windows load on vga / dvi connection, but not on display port / hdmi off the gpu? Are you able to manually select a device like usb flash drive or a cd to test alternative os boot?
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    Confused on which motherboard to buy. B550 AORUS PRO or X570 AORUS ELITE?

    Very nice to have a quiet fan on Your board . They may have learn from the past and put some quality one.
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    Confused on which motherboard to buy. B550 AORUS PRO or X570 AORUS ELITE?

    The big + on B550, no chipset fan! (Ah, the horror of my athlon xp days) As you don't need PCIE 4, B550 all the way.
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    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    We recently finished S3 of Westworld, go on, it's a very good show. They did something very different with S3 and it's worth it.
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    so what Ryzen 5000 do you want to get?

    I am waiting for the 6 or 8 cores apu to replace my 6700k system as light gaming / work machine. Then the 6700k will go to htpc duties, to replace the venerable Q9500 one. I am in that cycle right now, retiring the 10 years+ systems.
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    Rants etc.....

    Had 1 on 3 (2 others not installed yet) hang on restart with last update too. I had to push reset after a few minutes and the update installed on next reboot.
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    wife's puter dead?

    The cpu rarely dies until overclocked. Even if the cpu fan fails, the computer will shutdown before cooking (we are far away from thunderbird / P4 times). My guess is the motherboard. If the cmos battery died, it should boots to default settings everytime and complaints about it? Never...
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    Computer freezing

    If you suspect the ram, install both sticks, set them at default ddr4 speed (2133) using xmp. Then use memtest to complete a run (see ultimate boot cd). When you get no errors, move to next speed (2400, 2666, 2933, 3200, etc) until you get one. Then test one stick at a time at that speed...
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    so what Ryzen 5000 do you want to get?

    Yeah, asus has a b450 itx with dual m.2, but it's out of stock or highly priced.
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    so what Ryzen 5000 do you want to get?

    The gigabyte b550 itx has dual M.2, but one of them is pcie 3.0 instead of 4.0. That's why it's not on your list?
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    Rants etc.....

    Best wishes too, as it is not easy to be scheduled for lately! Let it be final and effective.
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    Reliable video card warranty system

    EVGA replaced my old 8800GTS 640mb (lifetime warranty) for a 750ti in 2015, was painless. Gigabyte replaced my 5870, mailing to usa, waited a few weeks. Intel replaced my Intel 330 board, went well too.
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    Recommendation for Powered USB 3.2 hub?

    Since last year, I use this APANAGE hub with great success, works #1 : https://www.amazon.ca/-/fr/gp/product/B07Q7ZTGYX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 However, the TP-Link hub from Lysrin is sexy slim and will fit well on a desk.
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    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo Tiny PC for sale $300[SOLD]

    Hi, if the M93P got the wifi antenna, I'll buy it. Is it dp + vga + serial, or dp + dp + vga? PM sent. Thanks, Brad