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    what cost effective / simple to manage gear would you recommend for this scenario?

    Well, you needs are simple. My old Asus rt-ac66u-b1 already got meshing, so any recent model could do it (buy two of them). Mine can do 2 guest wifi + your personal wifi (2.4g and 5g) and wired. I don't think you would need to setup a vlan for that. Maybe somebody can recommend you a current...
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    Shipping time from China during COVID

    Ordered something in april, still waiting. Wife received some stuff recently that was ordered before the covid.
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    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    Amazing tv series, and Anna Torv first major role. Need to watch it again someday, wife loved it a lot too.
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    how old is your webmail account?

    My hotmail was created around june 98'. My friend told me "It's new, get one!". A 6 letters hotmail .com . Still using it.
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    ITX Case suggestions needed: specific requirements

    The SG14 may fit the bill, but not available yet.
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    ITX Case suggestions needed: specific requirements

    Fractal Define Nano S, maybe? But the GPU will be close to the psu. You could try an sfx psu to give you some space.
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    Renoir APU Benchmarks Surface

    Well, that 4400g seems very good. AMD may only put a new IGP in the AM5 apu. For basic and htpc purpose, it's fine.
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    We've Got Some Ryzen 4000 Desktop APU Details Now!

    It is. The hexa core will probably replace that old Q9500 htpc in my basement. Even the quad core will crush it. Price and igpu details, next!
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    Want to Sell [SOLD]Lenovo M93P Tiny - $150 including shipping in Canada[SOLD]

    Ahhh missed it. Hope to see more of them from you :)
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    rx 5700xt not working on Core 2 quad q8400

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    rx 5700xt not working on Core 2 quad q8400

    On my C2Q Q9500 htpc system, I was able to get working a geforce 710, 750 and 1030. If you can get a refund for your 5700xt, get one of those. Of with the refund, build an amd apu system with it.
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    CLone Windows Server 2016

    Maybe the livecd of clonezilla will do the job.
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    MSI Z77 mpower won’t post

    In the manual of this mb, it says there is a multi bios swith in bottom right corner, to select bios 1 or 2. Try both position. Could be possible that one of them is good to boot (or that the swith is in the middle position, with no selection of bios). EDIT : You already tried that, sorry
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    Progressing towards Plex (or alternative) + Auto RIP setup...

    I have a modest 2400g sharing my movies / tv shows / music on windows 10. I tried Emby, and it does a great job transcoding all the stuff when I need to stream to phones / laptops or even my LG smart tv, that got a emby client from the lg store. When at home, I simply use Kodi as client.
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    Motherboard for Ryzen 5 3400g? B450 or X370?

    +1 for B450, same reasons.

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