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    4870x2 artifacts in some games

    But it artifacting only in some games like: brothers in arms, left for dead, frontlines. Crysis and dead space looks fine vith catalyst A.I. enabled. I have tried 8.11, same problem.
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    4870x2 artifacts in some games

    My card is not oveclocked, drivers 8.12, temp under load is 80-84 c.
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    4870x2 artifacts in some games

    Sorry for my English Here is my system GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R/ P45+ INTEL Q9550 CORE2QUAD 2.83GHZ S775 ZALMAN CPU COOLER 775/AM2/754/939/940 A-DATA 2x2GB DDRII Over Clock Extreme Edition DDR2 1066+ WD CAVIAR SE16 750GB SATA2 7200RPM 16MB ASUS 4870X2 DUAL GPU PCIE 2048M GDDR5 Fortron EPSILON 700W...

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