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    setting up raid 0

    Hey, i actually did the wdidle3 thing in dos today before doing the raid, as i also did some research in wd20ears as raid and people have said they work good in raid, just the default timeout thing was making movie playback stutter, but with the wdidle3 tool it changed it from 8 second to 60...
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    setting up raid 0

    Also i just ran hd tune pro and the speeds are pathetic, i tested these hard drives separately before doing the raid and they where pretty good http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/1637/24august20102041.png I also ran the wdidle3 and changed it to 62 minutes so thats not the problem.
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    setting up raid 0

    actually i am doing it for large file transfers, going to be my storage for movies which always have size 4.5gb to around 10gb each. Guess i have to go in and delete and redo them. Edit: Just setup and format the raid drive, is it normal after creating partition on raid for 200mb space be...
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    setting up raid 0

    thx the reply, i have set it up, one thing that confused me in the setup was the stripe block size, i chose 64kb as the wd20ears is 4096kb sectors, i thought that would create a partition, should i go in and change it back to 128kb, then in windows when i create partition ill enter the 4096kb...
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    Sennheiser hd555

    got a pair of these brand new for $120 cad shipped from usa 2 months back, they are great but i should have went with the higher model as i think they could be better
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    Want to Buy Evga gtx 295

    Looking to buy a evga gtx 295 from someone. Have 100% positive feedback on rfd. Red edition would be a plus as i already have 1 red edition but any gtx 295 will be fine either way. thx
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    setting up raid 0

    Hey guys, did some research about raid 0, i have 2 wd20ears and want to go ahead and do a raid 0 setup on the classified mobo. Just wondering, when i do this, should i disconnect my other 3 hdds including the main one with os to do the raid with the wd20ears?, then connect them back after raid...
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    Painting my case: how do I stop paint from scratching off?

    i let it dry outside in the sun for 2 days on primer but only waited about a day with the paint. Anyway, by $30 i meant 3 cans of $10.. The primer was a ripoff, but people where stressing it must be self etch and they only had one at ct. It was grey self etch primer $16
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    z5500 worth the heft pricetag?

    ok so in short z5500 are top end in pc speakers, then come the ht speakers. Like i said i am having trouble paying $400 for these speakers, which means 600+ for awesome ht system is out of the question. Guess i need to find a used set somewhere, but almost no one is selling the 5500. And yeah i...
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    Painting my case: how do I stop paint from scratching off?

    dupli color car, truck van black flat paint. and couple coats of self etch primer. Damn expensive too, cost like $16 for the primer and $30 for the dupli color paint
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    Sleeve size question

    Just wondering, for 3/4 od tubing should i get the 1/4" - 3/4" sleeve? might be a very tight fit, or should i get the 1/2" - 1 1/4" Also for heatshrink, which size to get? For fans its 1/4 sleeving? is it 1/8 for single cable sleeving. Which heatshrink to get for single cable?
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    Painting my case: how do I stop paint from scratching off?

    Well i painted my case but it does easily scratch, but when it does i just use a black sharpie marker, you cant see a difference.

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