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    Whats your latest purchase?

    new phone (moto g8 power), case, micro USB to USB C adapter 2 pack, and some USB-C cables for said phone
  2. dragoonxx

    CD Projekt RED’s Witcher 2 Follow-Up Revealed: Cyberpunk 2077

    finally finished a first ending of it last night, still happy with it
  3. dragoonxx

    3D Printer / CNC discussion thread

    generally...in the case?
  4. dragoonxx

    3D Printer / CNC discussion thread

    the side of that case parts bin looked like case farts to me at first glance...i was confused
  5. dragoonxx

    Hot Deals!!!!!

    ill find out in like...a week... because newegg shipping xD
  6. dragoonxx

    Hot Deals!!!!!

    mine arrived yesterday too, but i'm still waiting on my enclosure (ordered https://www.newegg.ca/ORICO-TCM2-C3-SV-BP-Enclosure/p/0VN-0003-001D4?Item=9SIAAMW96U1826 that one for myself)
  7. dragoonxx

    Rants etc.....

    looking for some new handlebars for my bike, come across shimano's "Pro" line....and their site is absolute...garbage... come across one handlebar- PLT ERGO CARBON HANDLEBAR- advertised as compact drop (i.e. <130mm drop)... the tech specs on the main page follow this... look at reviews...and its...
  8. dragoonxx

    Hot Deals!!!!!

    think it was a mis-click reply ( probably meant to reply to the duster). i also picked one of those drives up (and a usb enclosure for it too)
  9. dragoonxx

    The Happy thread!

    i did moderna/moderna, day of first shot was- tingly arm/injection side of body day of second shot - sore arm day 2- headache, sore arm, tired day 3.. mild headache, slightly sore arm
  10. dragoonxx

    3D Printer / CNC discussion thread

    good nesting software is always a godsend, no matter the program...
  11. dragoonxx

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition and new series entry

    i played 3, barely started 2, only got partway through andromeda
  12. dragoonxx

    Ryzen 3000/5000 Overclocks

    i should pay some attention to this thread...now that i've got my 5600x system built up
  13. dragoonxx

    Rants etc.....

    Computer parts finally arrive in my city (after a detour to edmonton because...who knows?) and then, despite having supposed to have been deliver to post office...it goes out for delivery. so now i have to wait yet another day because purolator/canadapost/newegg screwed up, in addition to it...
  14. dragoonxx

    Rants etc.....

    why is puropost shipping so slowwwwww?! ordered the rest of my computer upgrade from newegg (and best buy...because they had ryzen 5000 series available to ship...at MSRP...) on the same day, both orders shipped same day, both listed as shipping from ontario... processor arrived on the 14th...
  15. dragoonxx

    Budget cell phone

    yeah, that's why i stick to the "budget" phones, less overpriced. but yeah, two main gripes i'm having with my g5+ - battery is... not lasting, and its got some stuttering issues/way too light on ram (2GB is not nearly enough these days!)

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