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  • Oh bad idea there Bob if I go on road trip I might not come back, can't say I'd miss Toronto all that much. I'll come join ya on the West coast :haha: how's that sound. Got a room for rent? :haha:

    Things aren't so bleak I have an appointment lined up with a career counselor in the coming weeks and I haven't given up hope on the 20 resume's I handed out just within the last week and half. Of that I had one person call, unforunately it didn't work out in the end.
    Sorry to hear that man....funny, I just posted on the thread with the guy who just got laid off.....hopefully things will pick-up...once your working the stress will be gone, hell, go on a "road trip"...always made me feel better when I was bummed!
    As good as they good get around here, generally speaking I am moderately stressed as we speak. I cope well, things will improve as soon as I am employed again.
    Ha ha ha....told you I was determined to try out Tri Sli....what is it called..epeen?...what the heck does that mean anywho.....uh...maybe I don't want to know! Hope things are good thier Adam..things good here, good to be back home from work!!
    Hey thier EE...well just got back from 31 days at sea, I always feel so behind with the technology, as in MOBO's, CPU's and GPU's even after only being "off the scene" for a month..hahahaha.
    See ya back online!
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