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    Want to Sell DFI LanParty X48 (FREE Xonar D2X Pcie card)/ Q9550 / Waterblocks - SOLD

    If the cpu doesnt sell, Ill take the bundle.
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    Want to Buy WTB 9800gtx full cover water block

    As per title, let me know if ya have one. Thanks
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    Want to Sell Watercooling and storage stuff for sale

    Pics up. Prices are negotiable to some extent.
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    Want to Sell Watercooling and storage stuff for sale

    I have some stuff thats been sitting in my closet that needs to go. Prices posted are shipped in Canada. I accept EMT(perfered) and paypal. New Swiftech rad box rev2 $25 shipped Swiftech MRC 220 with 1/2" barbs $50 shipped Dlink DWL AG530 wireless card $50 shipped Vantec Nextar CX...
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    Want to Sell Going To Jail Sale!

    Any resolution to this?
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    [EXPIRED] Hot! Feser One X-360 for only $99.99 @ NCIX

    Ive got a Haf 932 with a Mcr 320 rad in the top. Fit is perfect and Im quite happy with the performance.
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    Antec 1000W Truepower Quattro

    ^^^ Not nessecarly, I have the 850 version with a 80mm fan and its quiet.
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    D-Tek Fuzion V1 Mounting

    I dont have the pro mount, I bought a used V1 on here with the standard mount. The pro mount must be really good, because I had zero issues with the original. Took me about 10 min to mount dtek, mcw30 and 60, then the mobo in case.
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    Want to Buy water cooling parts

    Haha, too funny. On another note, I have a mcr220 rad with 1/2 barbs that I purchased from another member on here. Its in very good shape. I also live about 4 hours away so shipping would be reasonable. Pm if your interested.
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    Comment Thread for EVGA GTX 285 SSC Review

    "We all know that one of the major limiting factors of the initial G200 products was the fact that they were built on a 65nm manufacturing process which essentially made their production costs high (hence the prices we saw at launch) and contributed to massive amounts of heat being generated by...
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    Want to Sell Antec 900 and OCZ600w sli

    Case is pending.
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    Want to Buy Full Cover 9800GTX water block.

    Last bump, if anyone knows someone who has one lmk.