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    Black Friday VPN Deals

    Does it work with US Netflix?
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    Black Friday VPN Deals

    I am left with a few days on my PIA VPN subcription. Thinking to switch to another VPN provider. I want to use a VPN to access streaming services that are not available in Australia such as Hulu and US Netflix. on Google search, here are some Christmas VPN deals that I came across: PureVPN...
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    Xbox Game Pass For PC

    Game Pass is great. Have it until next February because of the $1 Ultimate deal and I just realized how many great games are on it. Metro Exodus, Vampyr, Undertale, Prey, Hellblade.
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    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    Factorio. Now I know why someone called it cracktorio. Game is addicting!
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    Budget cell phone

    My Xiaomi mi max 3 has been very impressive. For under $300. Won't be going back to major makers.