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    Netflix enforcing there policy of one device stream

    Oh no, that does it with netflix for me. Im unscribing. I streamed multiple times from account. Give the account/password to family/friends. Eh, it was worth it while it lasted.
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    Want to Sell Nikon D60 w/ 18-55mm VR Lens

    To the top! Price Dropped
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    Want to Sell Nikon D60 w/ 18-55mm VR Lens

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey, I'm putting up my Nikon D60 w/ 18-55 VR Kit lens up for sale. The camera is in excellent working order and in great condition. A very clean unit, lens changes were kept to a very minimum. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the camera, and I'm selling this as I'm making...
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    Canadian ISP's

    ^^ EDIT , what he said
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    World's Worst Commute

    The vast majority of new yorkers (in manhattan especially) walk/bike and use mass transit, if it weren't for cabs hogging the grids, its average would actually be very low. In terms of commute, Toronto is very high compared to other North American cities (except mexico city), Higher than new...
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    Canada Computers, greater Montreal?

    Thanks for this, I didn't know that NCIX opened a location in mississauga till reading your post. What I find hilarious though, is NCIX opened in the same spot that Canada Computers used to be, and CC moved to a bigger store down the street practically next door to my house. Glad to know I...
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    Got admission at centennial progress campus ,need a homestay?

    I dont know of any agencies. As far motorcycle in winter goes, i agree with b1lk1. It is extremely dangerous/uncomfortable/deadly to ride a motorcycle in winter.
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    Got admission at centennial progress campus ,need a homestay?

    1) The distance between the two campuses is approximately 42km, they are pretty much on opposite sides of the city. 2) Depends on a lot of factors, the main one being price. Off the top of my head, north york seems to be the most reasonable area that are located between the two. Etobicoke is...
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    Rogers brings back 6GB Data Plan

    Just an FYI, I was sick of exceeding my cap all the time, just found out that rogers is now offering the 6GB data plan for $30 as of 2-3 days ago. I jumped on it this morning. Now I can freely enjoy browsing the net on my phone. Enjoy :)
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    Google+ takes on Facebook

    Google will be what we have come to know as either 1) skynet, 2) the matrix. Either way, the result is not good.
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    Google+ takes on Facebook

    You can delete a facebook account too btw ;) https://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=delete_account
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    Google+ takes on Facebook

    It works in theory, but for it to compete against facebook is quite a long shot. I mean, it has to really offer something quite unique for people to jump on it. If its going to require everyone creating a gmail account, then I doubt it will go very far. Despite the minuscule new ideas, if they...
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    razor + shave cream

    I use pretty much the exact same setup, though without the pre-shave, what exactly does that do? Do you wash it off after applied, or? I shave right after I shower so do you think that's something that I would benefit from it, or not? Oh, and +1 to safety razor. I have a variety of electric...
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    Looking for a turntable

    Do it right once and go straight for the technics SL-1200. They have recently been discontinued, but the remain to best turntables you can get. Prices range all over the place from new to old/used, check ebay! I'm saving up for one of these, but the more pressing issue is that I dont really...