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    3990X Threadripper to come in 2020 - 64c / 128t

    The Ryzen/Threaripper 3000 line of CPUs is definetely impressive. Although it is fashionable to crap on Intel these days, especially with the success of Ryzen, but in the end, nobody was forcing anyone to buy Intel in the years past - at a corporate level or individual one. I don't know about...
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    MS integrating Gmail into Outlook.com

    Interesting. However, isn't this set up just asking for trouble from a security aspect? One hack with multiple accounts compromised, it will just cascade from there.
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    Not yet, but almost: ryzen/zen 2 or CL?

    'AMD raising pricing on the Ryzens, particular the 2700X'? What do you mean? How is 'AMD raising pricing on the Ryzens, particular the 2700X'? Am I missing something? Going on PCPartPicker, shows a price history of the 2700X and unless you are buying from PC Canada or Vuugo, the prices...
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    found the problem with gigabyte boards b350/x370

    I understand that having HW issues is never fun. However, from the way the OP's initial post (on the AMD's forum) makes it sound like the sky is falling, then all I see is 23 additional posts between Mar. 26 and Apr. 12 2018. If it's so bad why aren't there more posts? So I go on...
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    Threadripper 2 2990WX OC's to 6ghz on LN2

    Details on benchamarks and something: https://www.techpowerup.com/246799/amd-ryzen-threadripper-2990wx-overclocked-to-5-955-ghz-on-all-cores. :thumb: Source: TechPowerUp.
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    Threadripper 2 is here!

    Will be interesting to see if there will be a 2900X, or whether 2920X is as low as AMD will go. Would be nice to see a part with a base clock higher than 3.5 GHz, though it's nice to see higher XFR/Boost/Single core frequencies - 4.4 GHz.
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    The Intel Optane SSD 900P Review - Comment Thread

    Thanks. Hopefully, they'll push something out later this year.
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    The Intel Optane SSD 900P Review - Comment Thread

    AkG, do you know if Micron/Crucial is planning on putting out any consumer-level NVMe/PCIe drives, at least something along the lines of Kingston's K1000? Was happy with my old M4s and still running an MX200 in a laptop. I did read a while back that they did not want to compete with their...
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    GPU price hikes again.

    Bitcoin has already peaked and is currently down bellow 7k USD. Nobody is going to be buying these overpriced cards if this continues any further, plus I want to see the etailer dumb enough to buy such an overpriced GPU, which could turn from a asset to a liability in a matter of days, if not...
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    Intel Optane 900p

    The one thing I have to pick on in that 900P LTT review video is SolidWorks' benchmark numbers (4:40 mark). It is clear he is not using a workstation/certified GPU (no "RealView" value) and as such, it does not reflect well on the performance of any NVMe storage type. 30 to 34s is slow as...
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    ASUS PRIME X399-A Motherboard Review Comment Thread

    As MAC pointed it out in the article, this mobo is not a true EATX as it is only one inch wider, so even an ATX case can take the ASUS TR boards.
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    ASUS PRIME X399-A Motherboard Review Comment Thread

    Because ASUS listed their X399 boards as EATX I ended up skipping on them and only looked at the ATX ones. Now I see MAC writes that they are only an inch wider...well, I guess it helps to look at the actual board dimensions, but why look it up if they are EATX. My Antec P280 could have easily...
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    Samsung 980 pro rumors.

    Optane vs 960 PRO PC Per did a review: Intel VROC Tested! - X299 VROC vs. Z270 RST, Quad Optane vs. Quad 960 PRO, which gives you a peek at what you can expect from Optane. If latency is an issue for you, then Optane is your thing. However, time will tell if this holds true for the 240/480 GB...
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    AMD selling 8core/16thread ryzen 5s!

    Is somebody forcing you to buy a given product; no, fortunately there are other brands and options outside of Intel - AMD, ARM, IBM, etc. (I don't condone Intel's anti-competitive practices, but that is not a monopoly.) You do realize that you work for the biggest monopoly in Canada - the...
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    NCIX and Direct Canada removed from PC Part Picker

    Thank you for this post. The thread is definitely worth the read. Now it makes sense why they have a lot of parts I have been looking at on "Back Order". 2 to 3 years ago NCIX was decent to deal with, but it looks like poor management has taken the company down -...

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