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  • Fool, you never post on the forums anymore, don't want me to do any work anymore?
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    I liked a comment from 2011! <3
    I never check these things hahaha; I don't think any of my avatars were from sonic youth; although they are an amazing band!
    Gah where do you get all those hawt avatars?! Are you an amateur photographer... /jealous
    Hey dude!! Thanks again for the stuff the mice works perfectly, I quite like the new design over the G5 it supports my gynormous hands much better. Can't wait for my Domino and HR-03 GTX to arrive finally some new toys to play with.

    Catch ya later,

    I'm free this sat; just pickin up some computer parts downtown and may have a date in the eve but i'll be around if you're down? maybe you'll lend me that camera of yours to take some pics of my case? hahahaha

    Give me a call I've got a hankering for some brewskies and a 6600GT with you're name on it collecting dust.
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