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    NVIDIA Slips in 197.13 BETA Drivers

    Well they broke my system. as far as l4d goes anyways.. lots of shuddering video/audio in both l4d1 and 2.. removed the drivers and installed the older ones and the problem was still there.. turning off multi core rendering helped but its still not the same as it was... Windows 7 ultimate...
  2. fefox

    NAS Anyone? - NCIX Weekly sale

    I have one on the way... NCIX price matched the works with 2TB drives. $367.34 Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ 4 Disk NAS Enclosure SATA Hot-Swap GBLAN X-RAID RAID 0/1/5 256MB Diskless $129.99 Western Digital WD20EADS Caviar Green 2TB SATA 32MB Cache 3.5IN Hard Drive $46.91 Crucial PC2700 1GB DDR333...
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    Professional Movers

    yes. get a uhaul, twice I have had one breakdown and then had it TOWED to my destination... so you might luck out and not even have to drive it :) oh and get the content insurance.. when I moved to Burnaby, I had 5 computers lined up along the backdoor of the uhaul trailer, and was rear ended...
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    Professional Movers

    Ive moved many times, used movers and done it myself both... if your going to use a mover expect stuff to get broken, also have a garage sale and get rid of as much stuff as you can if your going to be using a mover! they charge by the pound, so make all your heavy items top priority to sell...
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    Are you running a WEP protected wireless network ?

    For US$34, a new cloud-based hacking service can crack a WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) network password in just 20 minutes. New Cloud-based Service Steals Wi-Fi Passwords - PC World Business Center
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    Steam: 5 Day Long 1 Day Only Sale

    Osmos for $2 haha gave it a try, its like asteroids on acid...
  7. fefox

    Want to Sell Fall Sale

    The K9A2 and CPU arrived today!! :clap: Thanks again!
  8. fefox

    Mandatory service

    I agree with perineum
  9. fefox

    Cost of Left 4 Dead 2 Steam in Canadian?

    maybe someone will do another group buy on a 4 pack.. thats what I did, and you will save $10
  10. fefox

    NCIX Grand Opening Sale

    ARgh! anything I would have wanted is sold out already, and I just got the email a few mins ago... :angry2:
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    FAHMon to monitor other computer's folding?

    I should work, thats what im doing as well, make sure you have the folding folder shared and just do : \\COMPUTER\sharedfolder\ in the fahmon LOCATION box when setting up your client. the only thing I did different was JUST share the folding folder itself.. try Mounting that share as a...
  12. fefox

    Points today

    blah, my ISP was down from about 11pm to 3am today.. so I missed out on about 4 hours of folding :angry2: What next!! anyone else experiencing folding statistics withdrawals? such as: Anxiety Restlessness Irritability Insomnia Headaches Poor concentration Depression :haha:
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    Points today

    I haven't posted any points since 9am, anyone else getting nothing but 353's today?
  14. fefox

    Folders, we have a challenge.

    So does the BIG WU bonus work on SMP only or is it GPU as well?

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