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    Want to Buy Oculus Rift Touch controllers and sensor

    Need a pair of Oculus Rift Touch controllers and their sensor. Would need shipping to Montreal. PM offers if anyone is selling. Might be interested in a whole set including headset if you’re selling. Thanks!
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    Want to Buy REMOVE - FOUND! dead mITX mobo

    I had about three. Glad you got one.
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    Machine Screw Source (M3-M4-M5 etc)

    McMaster-Carr for gold level service, and very fast shipping. Are the Ali Express ones any good? I usually can't plan ahead long enough when I need some.
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    Want to Buy Intel i7 7700K {found}

    BNIB $280 plus shipping.
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    i7 7700K

    Thanks all. That was a great price for the 8700K and mobo. $280 plus shipping it is.
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    i7 7700K

    I did. No reply, which is why I posted here - in case I was way off my estimated asking price.
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    i7 7700K

    I have a BNIB i7 7700K. I'd like to know what a good price shipped would be for it? I saw on RFD someone selling one for $350 sans shipping, but it was a couple of months ago. I thought $350 shipped would be fair, but perhaps it's a shade too high?
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    Asus Z370-e Gaming + 8700k

    I would take it for that much.
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    Want to Buy AMD ITX

    I'll go check my hard drives later tonight.
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    Want to Buy AMD ITX

    I can give you a free, non-working AB350N Wifi Gaming board if you want to send it back for warranty. AM4 though.
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    Want to Sell (or trade) Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Box 1080

    Thanks for that great explanation. Sent you a PM. Interested!
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    Want to Sell (or trade) Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Box 1080

    I have a Graphics Amp for my AW 17 R3. I never got it to work. I might be interested in your Gaming Box. Can the GPU in it be changed easily in the future?
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    Want to Buy EVGA EPS12V / ATX12V CPU cable

    If that fails: https://www.amazon.ca/Silverstone-Tek-Sleeved-ATX12V-PP06B-EPS55/dp/B00A45JA3Y/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=ATX12V+8-Pin&qid=1563518479&s=electronics&sr=1-3