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  • Actualy got a NZXT fan last time I was out, wasn't going to but they move alot of air! I got the best day in September lol, that definitely a interesting birthday!
    Pretty good! Damn, I wish i had a liquid loop! Was in line for 2 hours at memory express thismorning lol.
    Haha, taking my 570s back tommorow, swaping for one 580 and waiting for other in mail from stepup, pretty excited, might grab another SSD to.
    Yea I pealed that stuff off, there was NO thermal paste on my NB... o i put MX4 and now instead of 90C, im at 78C max on load.
    My Newegg packages come from there Toronto depot Aparently, they have a canadian building to save on taxes. What's the IOH temps on your R3E? Iv beenhaving overhangs, I may be pulling the spreader off to repaste it, dump if pulling the whole essembly voids my warrenty though. You notice memexpress don't stock R3E's unless special ordered now?
    I do mines all from newegg. Just sold my set of Pi! Hopefully my trident is here tommorow!
    Cause somthing in me wants 6 cores... :) But I love my 920! Got my R3E for $320 from memoryexpress, gotta love pricematch + onhop + easter sales! I keep trying to get them to stock G. Skill, but they wont take to it.
    Alot of plans lol, got a 580 on the way from stepup soon, might sell it and buy 2 570s.
    Thanks for the bump! Your setup looks like mine lol! Hows the H50 btw? I was considering a H70 but they cost like $100 at memoryexpress. Oh btw what part of Calgary, im SE lol.
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