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    Couple Questions about Macs

    Yeah my bad on the wording. The issue with my Wife's MacBook Pro was that Time Machine (at the time) wouldn't work with network drives; such as the My Book World (NAS) that she was using. What was strange is that while booted in the OS, I could see the drive and Time Machine could backup to it...
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    1080P Gaming

    IMO, with AMD's price cuts, you can snag a 7950 within your budget. If you stretch your budget a little more, you might be able to fit a 7970 on sale if you look around. Either way you go you'll have plenty of power for 1080p gaming (my GTX670 is in the same ballpark performance-wise and it's...
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    Couple Questions about Macs

    Regarding upgrading the hard drive, you can use Time Machine in OSX to make an image of the drive. After you switch out the drive in the Mac, you can boot up from the OSX disk and tell it to restore the last Time Machine archive instead of doing a clean install. I apologize as I can't recall...
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    The true dangers of static electricity

    Static discharge is definitely a concern. How much 'anit-static' stuff you need depends a bit on the environment you work in and the level of risk you want to take. For instance, when I lived in my apartment it used radiant heating which is bad for drying out the air which made the place...
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    Gigabyte mobo factory making...mobo's

    Cool vid! Thanks for sharing! :)
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    Thunderbolt vs USB3 Large File Transfer Speeds

    I've been using USB 3.0 to backup my system to a RAID1 box, so the speeds when writing should be comparable to a single drive. With that, I usually get 80-90 MB/s while writing - which is in the right ball park for the WD Greens I have in there. So, I would say in most cases between USB 3.0...
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    partition or not?

    Given the size of the drive you're using, I'd partition it - one for the OS and programs and another for your documents. I've been in the habit of doing this because I like to keep the OS and personal data separate in case there is an issue with the OS and you have to restore an image or...
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    Asus Xonar Essence STX Driver.

    I got the 1794 build here under Windows 7 x64 and no crackling problems or anything. If you have another PCIe slot, maybe trying moving the card to see if it helps. When the Creative X-Fi cards had the crackling issues years ago, this was often suggested due to IRQ conflics (IIRC)...so it...
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    Completed Cosmos Rampage

    Great build, JD! It turned out very well. :thumb:
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    Danger Den to Close its Doors, Cuts Prices by 75%

    Wow this really caught me off guard. It's really a shame to see this. :sad:
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    Asus Maximus V Gene vs. Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3

    I did a mATX build for my boss a few months back and ended up on the Maximus V Gene. It's a nice board and has the usual Asus RoG features in a small package. No complaints here about the layout and it nicely booted up right out of the box. I can't comment much on the Gigabyte G1.Sniper as...
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    Completed lowfat's Big Lian Li.

    Nice work! :thumb: I especially like the sleeving on the water cooling tubing. :punk:
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    This new build look ok?

    Looks good for the most part. :thumb: Something I would consider is going with a smaller PSU (assuming you don't have huge upgrade plans down the road). 850W is more than you need for the parts you listed. Maybe go with an AX650 instead - still a great PSU but it'll save you a bit of cash.
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    Looking for a Fan Controller

    Nice to hear you can find it in Germany. :thumb:
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    Looking for a Fan Controller

    Hello and welcome! :) I have a Scythe fan controller that's worked very well for me. Maybe something like this would suit you. Scythe Kaze Master Pro Ace Fan Controller at Memory Express I'm not sure if you can get these in Germany, though.

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