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    Want to Sell $225 CAD (PRICE DROP!) - Monster Computer Case + Accessories: Silverstone TJ11

    This case will hold a Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power, that is 170mm tall.. that's one of the tallest coolers you can buy.
  2. freeagent

    Quiet case with good airflow? Is the Meshify the best option?

    Looks good to me, myself I would rather have fans pushing through the rad rather than pulling. Or push/pull.. but not pull only. I had to retire my Meshify C temporarily. My beloved Asus died, and I am now using an EATX Assrock. I would have to cut at least an inch out to make it fit. Otoh it is...
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    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    I watched the first episode of the old guard. Pretty cool show Ill be back for more :cool:
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    Case Pics

    I got my newer Z77 board, I like it! It is huge though.. E-ATX. So it wont fit in my Meshify without some serious modification. Bummer. If you look at my 980 in relation to the edge of my R3F, and then on my Z77 OC Formula, you can see shes a bit girthy :LOL: I want to mod the bios so I can run...
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    The Happy thread!

    You know it! I’ve got about 10 winters with it lol 😂
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    The Happy thread!

    My P8Z77-V died a month or so ago, and have switched back to my old X58. Very sad. Good news is I found an Asrock Z77 OC Formula to replace it. I know its ancient tech, but I don't need anything new right now, its more for my kids. I may keep the X58 in service because my youngest now wants to...
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    ~9 year old Corsair AX1200 in my new Ryzen 3900x upgrade?

    If it were me, I would try it. If you know the psu has had an easy life, and its only pushed 400w, then you should be good. Keep an eye on your rails and make sure they don't drift around too much. If they do, then I would replace it.
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    My i7-6700 Won't Run At Proper Speeds

    The same thing happened with my moms dell laptop. Being a third gen dual core when it ran at 800mhz it was painful. What fixed it for me was setting a new power profile. I chose the high performance option and now it boosts to 3.1 which is pretty decent since it’s supposed to be a 2ghz part.
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    Case Pics

    Thanks man! I know I try to spread the word on their greatness, but people think 50cfm noctua’s are better. The three front ones have been in service with me every day since 2005 or 2006. They are great, they are rated at just over 100cfm @ 12v, they do a good job. I’ll throw up one more pic if...
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    Case Pics

    Went back to my X58 and gave the kids my Z77.. should be easier on the hydro bill :rolleyes:
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    I Tried To FIX The Corsair A500 Air Cooler!

    That is nothing new though, that’s how they have always rolled. They just put their name on other peoples stuff. And consumers love them for it. Personally, I have owned a few of “their products” and they were mediocre at best. As a company, I do not respect them, and they will get zero dollars...
  12. freeagent

    I Tried To FIX The Corsair A500 Air Cooler!

    Its amusing how bad this cooler is. Its just another lesson of just because Corsair puts their name on it, doesn't make it good. They have been the new OCZ for years, or do I mean Thermaltake? :p
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    Running low in AS5 thermal compound... what cha got?

    Thermalright TF8 is specced better than Kryonaut, last I looked was the same price. It’s what I’m using now and it’s great. Definitely better than AS5, which I used for a decade at least.
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    contract about to expire...looking for best new options and need suggestions / advice.

    I’m with TELUS, I pay 75 a month for my line which has 10gb shared data, and I pay 35 for my xs max 256. I have two lines total with 20gb shared.

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