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    the GPU companies have been cheating us all along!

    Of course it’s all a scam. It’s one of the reasons I don’t upgrade like I used to. 800 bucks gets you a mid range card nowadays.. good thing I have other hobbies lol.
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    i9-10900K could be sucking over 300 watts - probable reason for its delay - motherboards pulled from display at CES

    First gen 6 cores were able to pull that kind of power and more. But 300w at stock clocks lol wow. Good bye overclocking. We loved you.
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    It’s a fun game I like it.
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    Want to Buy Coolermaster Stacker 4in3 cages

    Yes they are the same, I had an 830 and still have my stc01
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    Corsair Gets Into Air Cooling Again

    They are ok, I used to run my old H100 with usually two but sometimes 4x 120x38s. I actually replaced my D14 with that setup. I regretted it about 6 months later. I ran that for four years on my X5690 until I upgraded to Thermalright coolers. I don’t miss it really. I gave it to my brother to...
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    Corsair Gets Into Air Cooling Again

    Yes indeed. Watch it will be awesome, because that’s my luck :ROFLMAO:
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    Corsair Gets Into Air Cooling Again

    Oh ok, they were flattened. That just makes it worse. Squeeze it and you lose cross-sectional area of the round pipe. I’m sure this cooler would be good for someone, but not this guy. This just goes to show what kind of company Corsair really is. And people love their stuff, though I’m not sure...
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    Corsair Gets Into Air Cooling Again

    What is a stock cooler these days? They said it is 11c better than a stock cooler, for 120 bucks.. Awesome. Looks like it uses 2x 8mm pipes and 2x 6mm pipes, of course they have been milled down. Unless I am mistaken and they are 2x 6mm pipes, and 2x 4mm pipes. Either way, whoever buys this will...
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    Computer Case Suggestions

    +1 For Meshify C
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    AMD Ryzen R5-3500X Review

    I was considering buying a dell to put in my case, and when its paid for grab a good mobo. Anyways while I was there I saw this: https://www.dell.com/en-ca/shop/desktops/new-alienware-aurora-ryzen-edition-gaming-desktop/spd/alienware-aurora-r10-desktop Not an X, but still.. And because I am...
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    Completed New Life for an Old Box – Lian Li v1200 Plus Mod

    I've always loved that case too, looks good man!
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    who here has a green thumb? what do you grow?

    Just wanted to say you guys are awesome!
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    who here has a green thumb? what do you grow?

    We’ve got a couple bonsais, some jades, some others I don’t recall my mom gave them to us. And cannabis. Four plants in the machine, keeping it legal!
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    Thermalright releases a 1kg Cooling BEAST!

    If they don’t officially you can always use some zipties (y)
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    What do you consider a 'stable' OC

    An unstable overclock turns your calculator into a random number generator. Maybe work on your cooling a little, get some good case flow if its not good already. It all starts with airflow. The more you flow, the higher you can go, a silent system is generally not the best for this.