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    2018-2019 folding.

    I'm still doing volunteer compute, but mainly BOINC (ScienceDirect) more than Folding@Home. BOINC just has so much more functionality to get out of the way of me actually using my computer. Folding@Home is more stable for GPUs than the BOINC projects (ScienceDirect usually gives GPUGrid and its...
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    USB hub failure?

    Yep I'm on my second USB 3.0 hub: I'm guessing capacitors died in my old hub (they're built like the cheap PSUs that would set a desktop on fire). I actually like the fact that the hub's power brick is bigger than the hub itself - hopefully it's built better.
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    who's still mining?

    I stopped mining because I no longer need to heat the room :whistle: I'll start up my single 1080 (really not profitable on the one card when you consider the maintenance, but as mentioned I have another purpose) when it gets cold again.
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    Team Group L5 LITE 3D SSD Worth to buy?

    Since you're only using it for basic browsing, I wouldn't be too fearful if you can find a place with a good return policy to get it from. If it survives the OS install and a drive self test, you'll likely be fine over the lifetime of that light workload. That said I wouldn't use it for anything...
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    Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. Status says "Caution"

    For the freezing issues on your computer, that usually means the drive is having trouble reading some sectors, but it's still able to do so. Since you have a backup :thumb:, you could try to fix that by copying everything off the drive, doing a full (not quick) format on the drive, and then...
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    FBI asks everyone in the world to reboot their router to stop spread of malware

    I have one of the affected devices - Netgear WNR2000 (behind another firewall at all times because it's only used as a wifi access point). It came from Rogers, but for some reason they didn't take it back when we cancelled the service that needed it. It can also be bought separately: one of...
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    Sophos XG Firewall "Home" Edition

    I heard about Untangle, but never used it. I've dropped back to basic functionality using a Google Wifi device as a router + switches coming off the LAN port. Maybe when I get some progress on my other research (currently playing with the 'serverless' stuff that cloud providers are introducing)...
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    Sophos XG Firewall "Home" Edition

    As a mini follow-up, I'm going to uninstall this firewall software because the feature set is so unlike what I want from the device that I'd be fighting the configs to get it to work as I want. I found out the default policies blocked a whole lot of stuff: I assume the rules were made for IT...
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    Office Employees - What Mouse Do You Use?

    My Logitech M570 trackball has high enough DPI for coding on two 1080P monitors at work, but it won't be optimal for very high resolution work + flinging the cursor across the screen with a simple flick. It would definitely need a DPI selector for that. Similar to the other posts here, there...
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    Sophos XG Firewall "Home" Edition

    Hello all, I decided to do a quick (experimented for 4 hours) review on this oddball proprietary router / firewall 'firmware', Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition. TL;DR: The only thing "Home" about it is the non-commercial license clause - it's really a small/medium business firewall product. I...
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    Dell OS recovery tool?

    I had an interesting experience trying it with the refurbished Dells I have at home: Optiplex 7010 desktop from dellrefurbished.ca: No image available Latitude E6430 from refurb.io purchased with 16GB RAM: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Latitude E6430 from dellrefurbished.ca bought with 4 GB RAM...
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    If you have a uplay account change your passwords immediately

    That's assuming you don't download the malware disguised as a horoscope / slot machine app :thumb: The SMS text message two-factor can also be attacked if you're popular enough to be targeted. The attacker can snoop on your two factor SMS text...
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    How to maintain the FS of a cold storage HDD

    I haven't seen any data about how long modern drives in practice can maintain data when unplugged, and whether passing over the drive with tooling helps or hinders. (i.e. I haven't found a study where someone wrote stuff to 1000 hard drives and checked if the stuff was damaged after 6 months, 1...
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    Intel i9-7980XE & i9-7960X Performance Review Comment Thread

    If Intel and AMD keep upping the heat like this, do you think HWC will switch to a 360mm radiator water cooling setup for the overclocking reviews? (or attach 5000RPM Delta fans to the air cooler) Lack of ECC is only one of the things that limits the customer base for these CPUs. Two of the...
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    Spammers using oldskool Word DOT?

    Hello all, I received two (spam) e-mails this week with some dumb title (a special character and a few letters), with the only contents being a .DOT (pre-Word 2007 document template) as an attachment. Of course both e-mails got the "report spam" button, but I'm wondering why the attackers are...

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