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  • I finally got around my HWC account dilemma. Great to back! Thanks for your help in getting it resolved.
    hi Gav. This may stupid idea but I'm a member of a website called Swagbucks ( swagbucks.com Search & Win ) where they reward you for using their search engine by giving you swagbucks that you can redeem at their store.I was thinking, what about having a MOD or someone here at Hardware Canucks could sign up and then post their referral link having people sing up under them ( I think for every person that signs up under you ,you get a dollar for every dollar they get until they hit 100 swagbucks.i get about 1-2 swagbucks per day) and after the MOD or whoever gets enuff for something cool they can get it and give it away in a contest for the members:) Their are lots of videos on youtube about Swagbucks.I'm trying to save up to get a PS3 to fold on:) New stuff is added to the Swag store all the time.I wrote this here instead of in the forums because if it is a good idea i didnt want people to start signing up without using a referral link:)
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