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    Dental costs

    woah....why is everyone's plan so expensive? it is cause you're getting individual plans not from work? I think I pay like $30 for month for 80% of dental (1k max), vision, and physio.
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    Stereo Mix on Ivy Bridge NUC

    Sometimes I want to have music on my usb headset/bluetooth headset AND on my speakers. Weird, yes, but please bear with me. The only way I know how to do this is by using the stereo mix method. HOWEVER, I use an ivy bridge intel NUC, which does NOT have any sort of audio jack of any sort...
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    Dell venue 8 pro - screen off without sleeping?

    honestly, i just put the screen flat against the table. stops the light from shining at me. that is the PC equivalent of turning the monitor off. the tablet is still running obviously so your browser will continue working. winRT apps still work fine with pushing the power button to turn off...
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    Wifi + Bluetooth USB Receiver

    haha. not a notebook. a NUC :D I finally found a random facebook comment that had a link to purchase the antenna and internal connectors, so i SHOULD be good (I'll know for sure once I can install everything) i think this confirms that what i was looking for is pretty rare
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    Wifi + Bluetooth USB Receiver

    I've seen plenty of wifi usb receivers, but are there wifi usb adapters that also support bluetooth? I was previously using a 6235 wifi card, but I don't have antenna connectors for it anymore and I still need bluetooth connectivity (usb ports are at a minimum, so I need wifi + bluetooth in a...
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    looking for a new keyboard

    corsair k50? haven't actuall seen anything about it, but seems pretty decent from the outside.
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    Buy monitor from Dell directly vs NCIX

    alright. thanks for the help guys. wasn't shopping for something at the moment, but i was really surprised when i heard it and wanted confirmation.
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    Buy monitor from Dell directly vs NCIX

    I heard stories about how buying from a Dell monitor from a US e-retailer somehow ends up forfeiting dell's 'special warranty' and sticks you with 1yr basic warranty. is this true for canadians? If i can just buy a monitor from NCIX and not wait for Dell to ship it, is there any reason not to...
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    Whoa, nice Dell Tablets

    the dell venue pro is a GREAT tablet. it's pretty much the windows version of the nexus 7 2012 (in terms of awesomeness relative to the previous generation - this being the surface RT*). the best design decision? making the start button a dedicated side button (like how power and volume are)...
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    New Monitor - Dell UltraSharp 32 UltraHD Monitor – UP3214Q

    the 28" was confirmed for $700, but I'm assuming that's for Dell.us any idea how much Dell would add to the dell.ca price?
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    Having Issues w/ Intel NUC Kit Overheating

    well, plextor m5m works great...it's what i use.
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    Generation "D"

    I'm not convinced people are losing the ability to memorize stuff. it's just that people are prioritizing different things now. is that really so hard to believe? EDIT: I've always wondered what those people who play with their phones for 30min every meal used to do before phones...
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    Having Issues w/ Intel NUC Kit Overheating

    can you give us a pic of where you're placing this thing? don't believe the marketing for a second and think you can use it as a media PC inside a sealed compartment or behind the TV where it's getting all the hot exhaust from it.
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    W key not working...

    you might be on an old firmware version where the repeat rate functionality is very buggy. reverting to stock should get everything working fine.
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    No one owes you a living

    I disagree with the above. it's one thing if he needs time to 'think out things out' and decide what he wants to do with his life (since he now has school + hard labour experience). But living off of EI to do that when he has an opportunity to go back to drilling? that's something entirely...