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    PURCHASED - Thread Can be closed :)

    Hey everyone, Looking to upgrade my HTPC with a nice cheap coffee lake CPU, aiming for a G5400 which should "hypothetically" meet Oculus Rift minimum specifications hahaha. (G5400 about matches the i3-6100 which "should" be sufficient for VR, and the 1151 ITX board i have will eventually house...
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    The HWC what you listening to Thread

    For all you music junkies on the forum for those of you whom have a heavier taste and appreciate metal: https://eternalwarfare.bandcamp.com/album/messenger-of-doom https://zuband.bandcamp.com/album/carboniferous https://sutrahmetal.bandcamp.com/ (These guys are some close friends of mine and...
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    Want to Sell FS - CPU,Network Switch, RAM DDR3, DDR2, Routers, Keyboards, Mouse

    If you end up deciding to sell the Gigabyte H61N-USB ITX Mobo (i'd also be interested in the cooler) without the CPU/Ram, shoot me a pm! I've been looking for an excuse to shrink down my living room PC and i already have a Fractal Design Node 202 prepped and ready hahaha.
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    Want to Buy GPU (1050/960)

    Query PM sent!
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    Oculus headset stopped detecting HDMI connection PLEASE HELP!

    I've done plenty of Oculus headset troubleshooting so i may have some insight regarding this (i work in the QA industry). We've had some PCs that have shared similar issues. In most cases, our base Windows image was lacking the proper USB driver update to match our motherboard causing similar...
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    The Happy New Year Game Giveaway (2018 Edition)

    Hey Xeven, i wouldn't mind jumping on the Borderlands PreSequel key if you still have a spare. I have a mate who owns the game and would definitely enjoy cooping it up if possible! None the less, i appreciate the massive giveaway and thanks for your contribution!
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    Cross platform gaming

    Rocket League supports cross-platform play between PC & xbox OR PC & Sony - assuming that's the kind of game you're in to. Big fan of it myself and had plenty of fun playing with the PS players. That being said, Ive seen many PS players eventually pick it up for PC as well due to frame rate...
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    Rants etc.....

    I was visiting my parents a year or so back in which a similar call was received. I strung the guy along for 20 minutes then eventually told the guy off very explicitly. They never called my parents place again (as far as i know). It's unfortunate that preying on the lack of...
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    Want to Sell S> TJ07, RAZER SEIREN

    How much would shipping cost for the cpu/mobo combo? (H1T 2X7 or J6Z 4M3) I'm seriously considering upgrading from my S1155 i3 hahaha.
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    Game Sale PSA

    oh man, Raptor.... thank you for the nostalgia, So many good memories on the 3.1/dos rig. potential purchase indeed.
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    Want to Buy An HTPC case

    Unfortunately that specific mini tower doesn't support standard ATX mobos - even then, the mid-tower case im using currently IS my fast and dirty temp solution :bleh:. My eyes and ears remain open and hope hasn't been deterred..... yet
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    Want to Buy An HTPC case

    Yea, been eye-balling prices for awhile now. It's a little disheartening but keep hoping for a nice little sale. (the Fractal Node 605 is currently on sale on newegg, but it's still outside of my desired price range - which is unfortunate because the case looks extremely sleek and I'm a bit of a...
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    Want to Buy An HTPC case

    Bump - still looking
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    Want to Buy An HTPC case

    Although that would be fun to set up, I just dont think im willing to thrown down 200 bucks for a new media center rig when i know i can covert my old one. Beyond that, replacing the case (although not necessary) would just be more aesthetically pleasing/saves space and gives me a good excuse...
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    Want to Buy An HTPC case

    I've come to a point where I'm just not satisfied with having my spare mid-tower sitting in my living. It's clunky, big and just doesn't look nice. Having been inspired after reading into the Steam machines, I've decided that I'ma transplant the ATX rig into an HTPC case and have it run as a...