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    Gpu for developer

    What role do you have in development? Modeler? Designer? Programmer? Also what type of game are you making? Mobile? Desktop? I can give you a more solid answer if you answer these questions.
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    Virtualized HTPC?

    My parents are avid users of a media centre computer to watch netflix and stream other videos. But they have a tendency to click 'ok' and 'install' for every phishing/trojan/adware popup, so needless to say the computer is chockful of viruses and malware within a couple weeks. I am not always...
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    Server OSes

    What do you guys use for general purpose servers? (ie. dev servers, running test code, web server/db) I'm running freebsd 7.2 from 4 years ago, and it literally falls apart the second it got deprecated, it's slowly limping along for the past year or so because I haven't gotten around to...
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    Thermal pads oozing grease

    So i was monitoring my temps on the videocard yesterday and found that the VRM temps were pretty high. So I dismantled it only to find that it was drenched in some sort of clear grease. The grease seems to come from the grey thermal pads that are usually included waterblocks and such. Does...
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    Want to Buy waterblocks for pwc 7970 v3 or EK-FC7950

    Looking for something that is fits on a powercolor 7970 v3, if it requires a little bit of modding, I don't mind. I need 2 (crossfire). EK-FC7950 fits the card with modding, so i will take those too.
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    Intel Talks Haswell-E, Broadwell, Devil’s Canyon & More (Comment Thread)

    Awesome year... if you can afford it. Haswell-E sounds awesome, but the price of DDR4 ram scares me...
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    X79 Quad Channel DDR3-2400 vs DDR3 1600 real world

    x79 chips all have honking big caches, so it negates benefits of quad channel for everyday applications even more so than normal. But having quad channel is very handy in the case of using terribly aligned and poorly optimized software.
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    Want to Buy vga waterblock (mcw80, mcw60 etc)

    Looking for 1 or 2 vga waterblocks can be swiftech or ek universal Pm me your prices
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    Gentle Typhoon alternatives

    Ap-14 and Ap15 fans have been hard to find and expensive for the longest time, is there a strong alternative out there?
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    vertically mounted 360mm rad - does not bleed

    I'll get a pic up after work. Just promise not to laugh...
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    vertically mounted 360mm rad - does not bleed

    Yea, that's what I thought too, but because of the size of the case it is really difficult to orient so that it is res->pump->rad->block.
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    vertically mounted 360mm rad - does not bleed

    I will try laying the pc on it's side so it's horizontally oriented and let it run and bleed for a few days. Right now it goes res -> rad -> pump -> block, could that be an issue as well?
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    vertically mounted 360mm rad - does not bleed

    I recently installed a 360mm radiator that is vertically mounted with the ports on the bottom. For the past few days I find that the water does not go through the whole radiator, just the bottom 1/3 of it. It just can't bleed the air on the upper 2/3 of the rad. Can rads not be vertically...
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    Any point in boostin bclk on SB-E other than memory OC

    Is there any performance gain for raising the bclk and bclk only? Ie. 45x100 vs 36x125 with memory kept at ddr3-1866 regardless of bclk.
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    Overclocking SB-E

    Now that all my parts are here, I started tweaking my new CPU and mobo combo. Parts are: 3930K P9X79 Deluxe 32gb of ddr3-1600 mixed brand memory (running 2x8gb at the moment for tweaking) So far my max reasonable overclock is 46x100 at 1.3v fixed with LLC maxed. Temps are low 70's after...