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    HDR1000 HDMI 2.1 1MS monitors?

    This is only 600nits, but as you can see by both the price and stats, better/faster/cheaper monitors ARE coming. 32" 144/150hz 4k 1ms with HDMI 2.1. For $999 USD. IF it had 1000nits, it'd be perfect for the OP...
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    HDR1000 HDMI 2.1 1MS monitors?

    Ditto on what others said. I have a 1000n 27" Asus PG27UQ, it's the oldest 4k monitor I have in fact, and it's not HDMI 2.1, just 2.0. Probably one of the best 4k gaming monitors out there still IMO. LG makes a really good 4k as well, their Ultragear 27" 4k 144hz unit, but it's only 600nits...
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    Best 11th gen cpu

    Agreed, the 5950x is overall the best current gen CPU. However if gaming is your primary purpose for using a PC, if you already have a 9900k or 10900k, there is little point to upgrading to it unless you're simply bored and want something to do, as the benefits like I said are very, very...
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    Best 11th gen cpu

    I had ordered and paid for an 11900k a while before they came in, so I figured wtf, why not build it and see how it performed with my specific setup/uses/games. I have a 10900k and recently upped the missus' desktop 5900x to a 5950. Also have an older 9900k system that 's been happily running...
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    HP Reverb 1st gen price check

    I just got my Reverb G2s today from PC-Canada (hurrah for pre order coming through first in Canada, so many in the USA are PISSED that we got them first). I've already sold one of my Reverbs, and I have one of the first gen ones left. It's the "newer" gen 1 that had the cable issue corrected...
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    AMD Makes History Again!

    I hope the 5600x Passmark score translates to real world gaming performance. Be great to see AMD/Team Red take the lead.
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    Zotac 2080ti AMP price check

    I'll put them up here first, one might be sold already just from word of mouth locally, we'll see. 650$ - if that's a great deal, I think I'll put them up here for $600 + shipping, and take offers - again, every single sale and purchase I've made here has been a solid, solid deal. I want to...
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    Zotac 2080ti AMP price check

    Thanks Dwayne, appreciate that. I've always had great experiences selling and buying on here. Very, very good community on HWC, IMO it's the best buy/sell forum in terms of security/etc due to the fact you mentioned about the community here Dwayne. Shades, that's good advice too, but I will...
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    Zotac 2080ti AMP price check

    Ok, much appreciated - I think I'll do just that, put them up in the 650 ish range, I'll be happy to take $600 or accept offers as well. Once my 3090 gets here (not today, Can Post's 2 day xprespost guarantee is suspended I guess due to Covid, as it's saying Tuesday next week now, even though...
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    so what Ryzen 5000 do you want to get?

    I already upped one of our PCs from 9900k to 10900k. I'm happy I waited to do the other 2, I'm hoping that the AMD numbers for the 5900 are legit, as I've been waiting for this day, where AMD is not only the best value for non gaming apps, but also beats (I'll settle for a tie even), Intel's...
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    Zotac 2080ti AMP price check

    Anyone have any advice on what I should sell these for (I have 2, both used about the same in my gaming pcs, bought them both new, gaming/PC desktop use only)?? I have a 3080 and 2 3090s arriving either today (Friday 9th of Oct), or on Monday, and can sell off my 4 2080tis I have. 2 are spoken...
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    VIRPIL now has pre-order for their products

    I just saw that today myself Lysrin, from your link. Nice to see he's busy enough to need to do that, good sign IMO. I'm going to order from him again once he opens his sales up again. And yes, long time no see, I need to start posting/reading here more, so few good Canadian PC/gaming sites...
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    VIRPIL now has pre-order for their products

    I'm hoping that this new method will work out for Virpil. I've been pretty lucky with the past system, I was always online about an hour before launch, and hit refresh every 30 seconds or so, and had all the stuff I wanted to order in my wish list so I could just export it all over to the cart...
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    NVidia Ampere rumors

    I agree regarding WCCF tech leaks, but they've been close enough in the past on some of their rumors, and I also think that 30% isn't a huge inscreas, when the 1080 came out everyone lost their minds over the increase. Every Youtuber that had a tech channel over 20k subs was invited out by YT...
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    Review of my AW3420DW

    Heh, I went from a PG278q TN, the first ROG Swift monitor Asus made, to this Alienware 34" too (I also have 2 PG27UQ 4k 144hz Swifts as well still). There are some newer 34" coming out now, but none that have made me want to stop using my AW34", I'm too used to it now, and it's one of the best...

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