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    First attempt at a custom loop. Hard line tubing = bad?

    Like, how computer watercooling used to be done? Back when it was mostly hardware store and automotive parts!
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    First attempt at a custom loop. Hard line tubing = bad?

    Both are challenging. If this is your first time they will both see a lot of trial and error, with hardline likely taking longer and wasting more due to it being more involved. I have not bothered with hardline. My brother has done it a couple of time and from what I have seen the initial cost...
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    Asus develops screwless M.2 installation system

    A solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
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    CBC Marketplace: Is an $800 purifier best to clean your home's air? Marketplace tested 5 top brands and their claims

    I remember when CBC market place actually did their research. This one isn't too bad, but where are they getting this story from? I suppose dyson could be said to be making false claims about their product, but how many people are buying those things? The test methodology is also way too...
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    Case fan sometimes stops spinning after boot

    Not a bad idea. Try and get a short video to send to them of a boot sequence and one of the fans not starting. A Mobo Fan header should be more than enough power to run 3 DC fans. I think most can do up to 10W.
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    Sorry, I had to.
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    Bringing it back

    FYI if anyone wants to do something like this most full size graphics cards will be a super tight fit or not fit. I took out(read: drilled and cut out) the 3.5" drive cage to have spare room and airflow. You will very likely need to cut out a large hole on the back of the motherboard tray for...
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    Bringing it back

    The average age on HWC seems a bit more mature so lets start the "2000's Retro" PC trend. 90's and 80's PCs look terrible so those retro builds are mainly done as a joke or sleeper. I would compare the UV 2000's style PC with the ricers and fast/furious style street cars of the time. Still a...
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    Case fan sometimes stops spinning after boot

    Set the fans to 12V. If you can get them spinning and they stay spinning then work your way down in voltages to the point where they are quiet enough for you, or stop spinning. If they don't stay spinning then they are probably cooked.
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    Bringing it back

    Some professionally shot photos
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    Bringing it back

    After much waiting for parts I was able to mash the system together with some minor deviations. For some reason I decided to go with 1/2" ID tube. I did not consider how inflexible this stuff is. The Aluminum handles and rad bracket did not work. I could not get good or consistent bends with the...
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    Experience With Racing Wheels

    I've been getting ads for that sort of thing. When I think of using a handbrake in real life or in a game it really only needs to be in two states: fully on or fully off(unless I've been doing things wrong). Those cheap ones look good because they look like they are built strong enough to take...
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    Anyone with a GTX 1000 series card going to upgrade to the RTX 3000 series?

    I'm going to run my 1080ti into the ground. It is still sufficient for what little gaming I do now.

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