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    Heck froze over

    Same here, just not on that laptop, as it won't boot from usb. * Let me clarify, used dvd to upgrade as a check to see if bad iso. Clean install, no go. Upgrade, go.
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    Heck froze over

    I did have one big issue with one machine. I pulled the win7 drive out of an old laptop, and stuck a blank, spare, ssd in it. ( give it some life, maybe ) Laptop was fine with the drive in bios, it supports ahci apparently. I tried installing official 1809 iso from dvd, since this one can't...
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    Heck froze over

    Well, I finally bit the bullet and 'upgraded' to Win10. And not just once.. All the machines at work, at home, couple of friends' rigs...upgrade overdose I'd say. :doh: Really hated it when it first came out, doesn't seem so bad now. Wide variety of hardware configs, mostly a smooth...
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    Inkscape graphic software

    Here's what I believe you're looking for. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=inkscape+change+layout+size#kpvalbx=1 ( Plus the guy has an...interesting...voice ) * I don't use inkscape, but I do use Corel and Adobe daily. I imagine it's very similar.
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    Printing disabled on some emails?

    Ah, so some email clients do have control over printing on the receiver's end. Good to know. Thanks all.
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    Printing disabled on some emails?

    While this isn't a huge issue, it's a real pita when you're busy... We have Windows 7 computers at work. We use Windows Live Mail for our email client. 99.9% of our emails print. Just right click the mail, select print, select which printer, done. And then theres those other ones.. Right...
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    Decent PC game controller?

    I use a wired PDP Xbox1 knockoff. The black one. Since I still run Win7, I had to jump through a few hoops to get drivers installed, but nothing overly crazy. ( Just MS shenanigans ) Played through the entirety of the Witcher 2 and 3 with it after I got it, and it didn't skip a beat. Still...
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    Windows 10 "photos" ram/cpu use normal?

    Yes. I don't have OCD, but I act like it when it comes to wasteful 'stuff' running on my rig(s). Still on 7 for my home machine, and all the ones at work. Will have to take the plunge sooner or later...:doh:
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    If you have a uplay account change your passwords immediately

    Thanks for the heads-up. That site tells me some compromises of sites that I was already aware of, but that only confirms it's accuracy. Definitely handy. Cheers.
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    FYI - PNY Blower model reference GTX 1070

    This is one of the things I've always liked about this site. ( yeah, I still read more than talk ) Love the reviews, but general hardware talk from members is excellent. Last blower style card I had ( still have, in an older Athlon rig, still going ) was an Asus 9800Gt ultimate. The review here...
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    Odd Mouse/Keyboard lighting issue

    Likely a bios setting to power on from usb or other device.
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    (Solved) Nvidia GeForce Experience?

    Fastest shortcut should be Right click on desktop, AMD or Nvidia.
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    Old Floppy and ZIP Disk

    The embroidery industry still uses floppy drives in their machines, and likely will for quite some time yet. They would be the customer you're seeking.
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    R9 290x woes

    Ruling out something like bad power or other hardware issue, It sounds like issues I had with an older Nvidia card. It seemed every other driver would literally make the card act like it was failing. As above, try a few different drivers. Also, you likely did already, but check your DirectX, C...
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    The AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Performance Review Comment Thread

    Been busy and got here late. Thanks for another excellent review SKYMTL.