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    New gaming build for FPS - CSGO and others

    Hello All, I am looking to build a new PC for FPS and maybe some WoW here is what i am going to buy so far. I am not sure what to get for CPU/MOBO/RAM/ any suggestions would be great. Keep in mind the case i am buying Storage: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Video Card: EVGA...
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    anybody playing this game?.. It is pretty fun!
  3. GrumpyGeek

    Best way to make win 8/8.1 like win7

    I use Classic Shell as well. You can get it from Ninite.com
  4. GrumpyGeek

    Gaming Laptop $1000-$1200

    I was looking at the MSI's but i can't seem to find anything within my price range.. I just found this http://www.ncix.com/detail/asus-rog-g551jm-intel-core-de-102952-1353.htm is it any good?
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    Gaming Laptop $1000-$1200

    Hello HWC Members, I have been looking around for a gaming laptop for around 1000-1200 dollars as the title says. I have always built a computer for gaming purposes. I recently had a child, she is 7 months now but i just don't have the time to go into a room and shut the door and game. I would...
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    Some what new build

    is there a price matching tool on PC Part Picker?
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    Some what new build

    i just noticed that the i5 4670Ks are on sale this week for $264 i think i will just go with that
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    Some what new build

    they are 293 on NCIX. anywheres cheaper i could find it?
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    Some what new build

    Hello HWC, In the next couple of weeks i am looking to build a new computer for gaming. I will be using some old parts from my last rig. The only part that i am not sure about is the CPU. Here are the games i play: 1. World of Warcraft 2. Diablo 3. 3. CS: GO Here are the component i have so...
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    Case Pics

    What corsair water cooler are you using?
  11. GrumpyGeek

    Case Pics

    Anybody know what Enermax fans he used in his build?
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    Case Pics

    Great looking build. I love the colors. Even the desk is great. The storage in back for extra things would be great to have.
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    yay snow!!!

    I second that. I drive an 1hr and 10mins to work everyday. The longer it stays away the better
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    I am between 2 monitors

    Hello HWC I am between 2 monitors. Both are Benq. No i know one of these monitors is way better than the other. They are both 27". What i will be doing with them - only gaming casually. Mostly WoW and D3 and some FPS. The monitors are...

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