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  • Sorry if your query is getting side tracked, let me offer you this:
    Your present Rig would be fine for another few yrs, given the demands of a Dell U2711, you're most certainly not going to be able run today's DX11 titles at that Res maxed out, simple as that.
    That 778 Socket technology is now around 6 yrs old or so (why I upgraded to Socket 1366 3yrs ago).......as I said (have no idea what kind of $$$$ you have to spend:
    1. Older 778 Mobo with a 2nd 580 will certainly perform much better than what you have.
    2 Purchase a used 1366 mono, 920 Chip n Ram (very cheap right now) and a 2nd 580.
    3 Purchase new 2500/2600k,Mobo n Ram then a 2nd 580
    4 Stick to what you have and get used to turning settings down

    That's pretty much your only 4 choices to weed through.

    Yeah it sometimes sucks when HW ages ;)
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