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    Country Cup Coming Up!

    Maybe i try some stage ! banana
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    Team cup 2019 coming !

    And i think not the best card for this (hd4670), not a person use this in the teamcup
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    Team cup 2019 coming !

    Dead things maybe you have a tricks to run 3dmark99 on xp, not work on compatibility mode
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    Team cup 2019 coming !

    I post 2 others score in couple hours and i had benching with a friend last days and its just join the team, more point, maybe last blitz on 478
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    Team cup 2019 coming !

    Thats would be great if you put a score in 478 !
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    Team cup 2019 coming !

    Thanks zoob, yours submission help in great way !
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    Team cup 2019 coming !

    Thanks Dt, alot of work involved in this score and thanks to all at this point, at that time canucks is 5th, keep your great works, i continue to put some submission over the week, maybe some kg of dice to improve some score. Sorry valkyrie for my submission in ddr ref but my score is not...
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    Team cup 2019 coming !

    Thank you so much, unlock multiplier works now, its time to max out this Vrm 🤗
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    Team cup 2019 coming !

    I need some help, i have a 4coredual-vsta in my hand i need BIOS L2.39 from treiber ! Hard to find
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    Team cup 2019 coming !

    I'm back, I'm so busy this time. i take about 2 days this week to try helping the team, i put a good score on stage 5 ddr3 (thanks valkyrie) and i try to beat my own score on R11.5 ddr2 on e8400, thats finish with a score of 3.57 but i forget to put a team cup wallpaper 😳 loll, next time i beat...
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    World record attemp this winter!

    Yes my friend, i already pretest some e8400 775 this Summer whit insane result, 7,893 on superpi 1m at just under 6ghz on dry ice and after some binning i have find some better chip. The best one do 5ghz cinebench r11.5 at 24 ambient at 1,376v and scale like a beast. I work on efficiency a lot...
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    Team cup 2019 coming !

    Any want interested by this competition this year ?
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    New to OC, Simple Question.

    Personnaly old era 775 and socket 939 is the most enjoyable to overclock and it so cheap, still today many uses them !
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    maximizing the H170 chipset

    i'm searching in hwbot and its seem the bclk overclock its not work on h170 chipset, all submission is at 99-100mhz base clock.
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