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  1. Harry_59

    Biostar TF7050 M2 problem

    OK... tested the Biostar MOBO with the old PSU and the same thing, so that rules out the PSU in the Antec case. I am RMA'ing the Biostar MOBO for refund and getting a new MOBO today, probably a Gigabyte in the $100<price range. When the new one is installed I will update this thread. Thanks...
  2. Harry_59

    Biostar TF7050 M2 problem

    Great idea!!! thanks!!! Off to go and get one today and will post the results. Harry
  3. Harry_59

    Biostar TF7050 M2 problem

    3.0charlie, I have not swapped anything, the PSU will not power the new board as it is missing a 4 pin dongle that would hook into the slot with the main power cord. So, it looks like I will have to RMA the MOBO and the Case as it came with the PSU. Harry
  4. Harry_59

    Biostar TF7050 M2 problem

    3,0Charlie, I did follow the 10 steps, funny, I am a chef at a rehab facility and they use 12 steps :), but to no avail. Cheers, Harry
  5. Harry_59

    Biostar TF7050 M2 problem

    Thanks guys!!! I did not swap any thing between the rigs the other one is old... I think I can test the MOBO in my old rig though... Cheers, Harry
  6. Harry_59

    Support/RMA Links

    Biostar link? SuperGrover, Thanks for the list!!! So you have a link for Biostar? Thanks, Harry
  7. Harry_59

    Biostar TF7050 M2 problem

    Hiya folks!!! I have... AMD athlon 64 X2 4800+ Seagate Barracuda 7200 500GB BFG 8800GT OC512MB Antec Sonata III Case w/ 500w PSU Corsair XMS2 twin 2x2048-6400c4 2GB ram Samsung SH-S203B Win XP Home SP2 Biostar TF7050 M2 The Problem... When first assembled, the rig worked great...

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