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    should I get a projector?

    check out the Epson 2030, it's a 1080p lcd projector with great reviews at projector central. Best part is that the bulb has a msrp of $100.
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    case under $100

    what about cm haf xb evo vs corsair 300r?
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    case under $100

    can you guys recommend me a case under $100. it will need to house an ATX mb, cool 2-gtx680s and fit a noctua nd-d14 cpu cooler. my old antec super lanboy just isn't cutting it anymore. thanks
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    Suggested upgrades

    I see no point in upgrading your system other than selling the 570's and getting a 780ti. your 2600k is still a sweet cpu and very capable to this day.
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    Want to Sell 2xMSI GTX 680 Twin Frozr III 4 gb -Sold,netgear wifi usbs

    I received the gpus. they sure are quiet and fast. I would definatly deal with ballistix again.
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    A8, A10 not great for discrete?

    the fx-8350 is going for less than 200 these days
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    GTX 750 OC or R7 260X

    what games do you intend to play?
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    Post your WaterCooled PC pics here thread

    so many drool worthy pics, keep it up. looking at building my own custom loop in the near future.
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    i7 860 to AM3+?

    perfect cure.
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    Completed Ouranos mItx

    nice and clean
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    Diagnosing Display Driver Failure

    be sure to remove all traces of old drivers and software maby
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    Problematic old computer

    look for bad caps

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