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    Did'nt wanna thread crap on van thread

    Well with you i am confrontational,and you do insult folks,go read sum of your replies to folks, and your negative comments to folks here[ sayin to GREG H he has an inferiotity complex], and about Calgary/Flames, i can write them out for you to if you like,, Why don't you move then. But you...
  2. hightest

    Totally mindblowing!

    I had a buddy when i was younger,he was rite into trials on his motercycle,he is quite an acomplished rider .his name is steve day.he is about 6 years older than i.
  3. hightest

    Did'nt wanna thread crap on van thread

    Well i'm relaxed now,i had to get that off my chest,i was frusterated with sum of the comments yall made. back yard looks like are's minus the bannana grove, lotsa cedar. And i have nothin against the Canucks you can look at posts i made last year durin the playoffs i was pullin for them.[ if...
  4. hightest

    Totally mindblowing!

    WOOOW,that dude is amazing:punk::punk::punk:,i can;t blieve sum of the stuff he did,great find. Who sings that tune i reely like it?
  5. hightest

    Did'nt wanna thread crap on van thread

    This is not against all van fans but.So i was osted frum postin in that thread. First off, half are family/freinds live in B.C.And my sister married a Kesler,so i here of what sum of them are like. ... Sais they suport well when there winnin which i tottaly agree,but when there losin they...
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    Toronto Maple Leafs...

    There out of position bcause the opposing teem allways has an xtra guy there bcause the forwards dont com down low enuff and help.eg the center mans job
  7. hightest

    Calgary ISP

    I use shaw high speed xtreme and it coms with power booster very fast download speeds,and 2 ip addresses.
  8. hightest


    Wow anuther close 1 Habs played prety good.I think Flames are only at about %80 of what thay can reely do thou if they played a full 60 min. That was good of Nystrum to admit he did'nt score that goal.
  9. hightest

    Toronto Maple Leafs...

    Lots of folks blame the goalies/ defence of the leafs but what i see when i watch them is that the forewards don;t come back and help the defence,they are allway's out maned back there bcause of that.
  10. hightest

    Montreal Canadiens ...

    Ya i thought it was a good game to,i was serprized they did'nt play Price.
  11. hightest

    Want to Buy 1000W+ Modular supply

    Ya i second Lowfats very nice sleevin job ... and you can buy with confidence look at his sellin rep
  12. hightest

    Razer Mamba First Thoughts

    My brother piked up 2 when they first cam out at memoryxpress and i found a price match and he got them for $120;00 each. If u hav a memoryxpress neer you go there.. Ya i have the destructor to very good pad...i'm still tryin to get used to it very slik i find...i've had it for couple munths...
  13. hightest

    Ati + physics/1 monitor/works/win7 see inside

    Well i was thinkin of grabin a 9800 gt 512 and tryin it to...memoryxpress has one for $110;00 ... Well i mianly posted it bcause in my notes that question if it works or not pops up evey once in a while around here. So when i find sumthin about it i like to let yall no. Xspeaclly since it...
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    Eldonko,ya it wood be nice to see them play a full 60 mins. S2N,I 'm pullin for the Flames for sure...but it's gonna be a battle of the net minders tonite....I think the Cammel is gonna be commin at us hard he'll wanna prove to the Flames they shood'nt a traded him. Iggy/Yoke are gonna have...
  15. hightest

    Toronto Maple Leafs...

    So i only seen kardri in 1 game that i watched,and sum highlights,but he sure looked good offensivly. My qeustion is why did'nt they atleest keep him up for the first 10 games, to see what he can do agianst a full nhl line up? Was he not very good in the defensive side of things? He is...

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