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    Want to Buy Sata cables!

    You should checkout Soullessone21's thread: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/buy-sell-trade/54731-soullessone21s-store-lots-added-17.html Looks like he has the southbridge cooler you need.
  2. J_M

    120mm X 38mm Fans

    Looking for a fair price to put on the following: Top: Scythe Ultra Kaze DFS123812L-2000 rpm Panaflo FBA12G12U 2 X Silverstone F121232BH with speed controls - lightly painted UV reactive green Bottom: 6 X Scythe Ultra Kaze DFS123812H-3000 rpm - 2 BNIB Thanks in advance for your...
  3. J_M

    Want to Buy Old school Socket A (462) m/b

    Got your PM, replying in the thread to see if anyone can verify/offer opinions on what I have. I believe both of these processors are 333fsb (2167mhz) due to the 'D' at the end of the part numbers AXDA3000KV4D. If i recall correctly the 400fsb (2100mhz) chips ended with an 'E'. Anyone with a...
  4. J_M

    Want to Buy Old school Socket A (462) m/b

    I have a couple of 3000+ Bartons - shoot me an offer. I also have some memory sticks if you are interested.
  5. J_M

    Want to Buy Demciflex filters in Canada

    NCIX carries the Silverstone equivalents - 80/120mm standard and 140mm magnetic style. NCIX.com - Canada's Premier Computer Store - Online PC Discount Store, Buy Computer Accessories
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    Want to Buy 4 or 8 gb SODIMM (laptop) memory

    Looks like RustOleum 'Hammered' finish (or equivalent). RustOleum.com You planning on 1/2" or 3/8"? I have a lot of spare WC stuff, 240mm single, 240mm double, 120mm single, barbs (1/2"), fillports, mcres version 1, Dtek fusion V1 with AM2 plate, etc. Let me know if you want me to pull some/all...
  7. J_M

    AMD Launches the HD 7000M; Mobile Market Déjà Vu? Comment Thread

    Always Impressed When the fab for a 'new' release uses Kinko's .01mm sticker process.
  8. J_M

    Dell UltraSharp U2412M Monitor Review Comment Thread

    /begin threadnecro You mention Spyder which is a $200 piece of software. At the risk of sounding cheap I have to ask if you know of anything more affordable that bridges the gap between professional and free (useless). /end threadnecro
  9. J_M

    Want to Buy i7 920 (C0, D0, doesn't matter, don't need HSF) $125.

    This thread has one close to your desired price: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/buy-sell-trade/37755-p3t3rson-closet-clearout-price-drops.html
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    Want to Sell [FS]EVGA Hydro Copper 2, MCP35x Pump (pwm), NZXT LX fan controller

    The EVGA Hydrocopper 2 is made by Swiftech. "... EVGA and Swiftech revamp the award winning Hydro Copper..." EVGA | Products
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    Want to Buy LGA 1337 CPU boot

    Nope - his board is leet. Or maybe that's how many pins are left unburned on a foxconn socket.
  12. J_M

    Want to Sell FS Asus P6X58D-E Intel 980x ES Price Drop- SOLD!!!

    I don't know about the receiver but you might get some good offers on the camera, especially if you are including a bonus daughter with it.
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    Want to Sell Need to sell some stuff!!

    not a bump
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    Want to Sell SHIFTY'S big summer sale!

    655 is the variable speed (vario) version. 655-B is the fixed speed model. The red potentiometer is only found on variable speed models (Swiftech 655/ Liang D5). Edit: I'm not trying to crap on your thread - just clarify the model you have. The fixed speed model is no slouch and anyone who...

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