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    HWC's unofficial Upgrade-itis/Folding-itis club

    I'm jergreen and I have Upgrade-itis. I spend hours and hours surfing the 'net checking ncix and newegg as well as benchmark sites to get the absolute best framerates at the absolute cheapest price. The biggest problem is I don't even play graphically intense games. Since I upgraded from a...
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    What do you have your Homepage set to?

    yahoo.ca still like it for news, sports, movies, finace etc.
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    NFL - Playoff Time ;)

    Glad to see the 'Hawks win. Wasn't expecting it at all. Jim Rome basically gave them no credit this morning saying it was all due to home field advantage. Sorry when the Saints were favored by that much and they lose the 'Hawks had to do somethig right. Manning is such a classy guy I wish he...
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    2011 IIHF World Junior Championship

    Funny all the people making this seem like the undoing of Canadian hockey. IIRC this team wasn't favored to win this tournament. We lost to a very skilled Russina team in the gold medal after beating the tournament favorite Americans. No shame in that. Now if we had lost to the Americans.....
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    Time to start asking questions

    This is also my question. I still run a GTX 275 and haven't come accross anything that would require significantly more juice.
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    2011 IIHF World Junior Championship

    Ouch. Looked like they were in total control too.
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    Eve Online

    Hey guys, I just had a look through the forums to see if anyone is playing this. I friend of mine gave me a 21 day trial and now I'm hooked (had a week off @ Chrsitmas and blew waaay too many hours on it.) Its kind of sad actually, right now I don't really feel like playing any other games...
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    imput for low end gaming

    I would think you should be able to run any of the Call of Duty games, except maybe Black Ops (not sure, I don't play it) The engine for Modern Warefare, World at War even Modern Warefare 2 wasn't that taxing on the hardware.
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    DOS gaming, o the good ol' days....

    I did fire it up a while back, I just cannot get by the graphics. Shame that Freelancer turned into such a pile of crap. I was so excited about that game, I think it was the first one I ever bought on release day.
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    Finally upgraded to a i5 760. Although the E3110 was a good processor for me.
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    DOS gaming, o the good ol' days....

    I loved Origin Systems too. Wing Commander I was my first non shareware game. My all time favorite was Privateer, open world with a plot if you wanted to follow it, what a game. Spent way too much of my youth playing that game.
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    Countdown to Christmas - Day 15 - The Big Apple

    ipod or the ipad, they make a good product now if they weren't so proprietary...
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    Will it be worth the wait?

    Quick question, will the cost of current tech ie I5/I7 come down in price at all with the release of Sandy Bridge? I'm looking to upgrade from my E3110 and wondering if its worth it to wait.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 Review Comment Thread

    I for one am loyal to whichever company provides the best bang for my buck, and competition only makes things better for the consumer.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 Review Comment Thread

    Man thats impressive numbers especially fora $350 card. I was pretty much sold on 460's in SLI but for similar price your getting similar performance and less power consumption.

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