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    Want to Buy mATX 1155 board

    I'm throwing together a rig based on a 2600k I have laying around and have everything but a mATX mobo. Anybody have one unused laying around they're willing to sell me?
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    New Ryzen came with a bent pin

    I yolo built the whole loop without testing the CPU and everything worked fine, no hiccups. CPU is saved!
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    New Ryzen came with a bent pin

    My ol' Faithful is having power delivery issues and I just ordered a new build and the CPU came with a bent pin and wouldn't sit flush. I managed to get it fairly in line with tweezers and with very little effort get it flush in the CPU socket. Since this is going in a loop I now have to be...
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    Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700K & i5-7600K Review - Comment Thread

    Still think I'll wait one generation more before getting rid of my i7-2600k thats been going at 4.6ghz its whole life.
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    New 1440p Monitor

    Is there any 1440p 120-144hz IPS G-SYNC monitor round up reviews around? I'm looking into my first upgrade in 3 years. I want to swap from a 1440p Korean monitor powered by an GTX Titan to a 1440p Gsync IPS monitor power by a GTX 1080 (hopefully hydrocopper or EK block if hydrocopper isn't...
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    980ti prices right here

    Doesn't hurt for them to try, if you were them you'd be hoping to get lucky too. If the gtx1080 delivers on the type of improvements I'm looking for I'll probably be parting with my titan for quite the loss.
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    When can we expect benchmarks for 1080/1070 ?

    Everybody would be under the same non disclosure agreement. Reviews will all be released by everybody at the same time when the contract they all signed agreeing not to disclose is lifted.
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    NVIDIA's GTX 1080 & GTX 1070 Detailed (Comment Thread)

    I'm waiting to see real world numbers before making a decision, but I'm hoping to move from my Titan to something more 4k compatible.
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    AMD Puts R9-290X Pre-Orders Live; Asks for $200 Deposit

    Given how loud the 7970s were compared to my whisper quiet titan. That thing must require watercooling if you want to hear the game.
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    Want to Buy found

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    Sweden imposes tax on LAN parties

    I don't see why massive organizations like dreamhack shouldn't be taxed. they have thousands of people paying for their spots.
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    Some basic OBS vs Xsplit info/testing

    In all my experimentation with streaming I've never found a balance of settings that resulted in acceptable fps and perfect quality. I want to know how people get 60 fps with 1080p or 1200p.
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    Things that drive me Bat S$%T Crazy part one haha

    I'm one of those people soul. I'm sitting on a dead xfx hd7970 and a dead 1 year old corsair PSU.
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    The Work Out/Lose Weight/Diet Thread

    Most days about 1850-2100 depending on activity level, basically looking to be down 20-30 lbs in 2 months
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    The Work Out/Lose Weight/Diet Thread

    I'm doing 3 hours of exercise every day with 1490 calories - exercise + offset(eat what I exercise). Trying to focus mainly on weight loss and lower/core endurance. In the last 10 days my average is 102 calories over my goal, all due to social gatherings. It's hard when a couple of glasses of...