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    I got a RTX card off Newegg

    pretty sad when getting the last gens mid-range card is a celebration. At least you got a card though. grats. (y)
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    You too huh? I had the blue one. Switched to dangerden waterblocks at some point.
  3. Jokester

    I Ditched Water Cooling for THIS!

    first mistake. using icue... watercooling isn't that hard. but I understand its not for everyone. anyone that swaps out parts regularly shouldn't apply. beautiful video (y)
  4. Jokester

    Armoury Crate

    to add to the confusion thanks to Asus.. that is what it used to be. now it's a full-blown application to manage all your Asus hardware and aura sync rgb. which somehow actually works somewhat properly most of the time.
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    DDC Pumps - Laing 3.2 vs. 3.25 - Which one to use?

    any fan plug will work as all you are using is the pwm control from it. so cpu fan plug is a great choice. and yes the molex just connects to your psu molex out.
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    DDC Pumps - Laing 3.2 vs. 3.25 - Which one to use?

    that's not how these work. as you can see by the picture. using a standard molex gives the pump all the power it needs. and then you have a fan plug with a tach and pwm control wire to go to your motherboard. which plug you use is up to you. most people plug it into the cpu out on the...
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    DDC Pumps - Laing 3.2 vs. 3.25 - Which one to use?

    You want the 3.2 with pwm and then turn it down once it's installed using the pwm function. You wont need it running full tilt for good performance.
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    Rogers buys Shaw Cable

    This is not good news at all. Shaw just got into the mobile network and was expanding. Rogers took the competitor out at the knees before they could even get going
  9. Jokester

    Suggestions for cleaning EK Mystic Fog residue from blocks and res?

    Just pull blocks apart and clean properly
  10. Jokester

    3080's where art thou?

    ya.... great. awesome use of energy. https://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/bitcoin-uses-more-electricity-than-argentina-norway-study-finds-1.5327345
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    AMD is bringing Smart Access Memory to Ryzen 3000

    I guess right now it just works on 5000 series ryzen.
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    I TRIED to Buy an RTX 3060...

    They never had stock. No one has stock. Same with every gpu lately.
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    Spotify to offer HiFi Lossless Audio

    Try your ears out before jumping in
  14. Jokester

    Spotify to offer HiFi Lossless Audio

    matters to some but not others. depends on what you listen to it on.
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    Best Radiator?

    yep. been around for a while. very high quality. interesting designs. but very $$$$

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