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    The big AMD GPU reveal.....BANG!

    Yes its called consoles. Thats where the R&D is coming from.
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    The big AMD GPU reveal.....BANG!

    Truth is AMD dgaf about their gpu. "In Q4, AMD is set to use ~120K wafers for console SOCs, 80K for PS5 + 40K for XSX. This is 80% of 7N wafers allocated to AMD in Q4."
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    The big AMD GPU reveal.....BANG!

    I see no indication that Canada will get stock any time soon
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    The big AMD GPU reveal.....BANG!

    Its mostly because of scalpers. Its getting out of hand. Go look at ebay hundreds of 6800 XT and RTX 3080 cards
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    picked up a Sony x950H 55" hadn't bought a new TV in 10 years. Should be fun to see the difference.
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    What music subscription service are you using?

    $79 a year for Amazon HD. But I think I got a promo so ymmv
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    CD Projekt RED’s Witcher 2 Follow-Up Revealed: Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah HWU did such a good job making rdr2 run smooth for me. They are great at breaking down all the settings and which ones actually matter
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    What music subscription service are you using?

    Amazon HD now. Great service. Good quality. I'll see what I think in a year
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    The big AMD GPU reveal.....BANG!

    will be interesting to see if the rumors are true that the AIB partners will have a significant amount of stock that they will be releasing shortly.
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    Budget Subwoofer amp

    I would just try the amazon option and see how it does.
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    Even though it's time consuming the overclockers out there say the best results are doing one timing at a time and testing stability. They dispise the dram calculator lol
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    AMD 5000 Series review embargo

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    AMD 5000 Series review embargo

    Victoria has a few 5800x but no 5900x.
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    Home theatre rig rebuild

    the frosted look worked well for your build. great job! seeing more and more frosted tubing builds these days.
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    AMD RX 6000 Ray Tracing is 25% SLOWER than RTX 3080!

    I'm probably buying a 3080 but I most likely wont turn on Ray tracing because it is just a gimmick in its infancy. One day it might matter or make games amazing. But right now to me it seems more like a shiny trinket you don't really need or care about.