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    Wireless setup

    Wpa2 is the one that is recommended for security. The others have already been cracked. 2.4 gigs is the standard wireless frequency but if your devices can work on 5 gigs then that would be better cause there is less congestion and interference. Use only g or n setting, n being the newest and...
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    Why data caps suck!

    If you are selling Internet service to someone and you are charging him for 5 megs download speed then you should have the 5 meg download bandwidth to give him. ISP's have been over selling their products for so long that people have come to accept the rip off. I told my ISP person when he...
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    With freeradius what IP do I put in nas/clieant

    Well it looks like I have to answer my own question. But for the people that might be looking for the same answers I'll go ahead and answer it. When using freeradius for authentification of a client, freeradius will only respond to clients it already knows via their static IP address. But in...
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    With freeradius what IP do I put in nas/clieant

    I'm trying to setup freeradius2 installed on pfsense to authenticate and there is an entry for nas/client IP and I have searched the web for what the world that is but can't find anything. Please help. what is a nas/client IP and how do I find out what it is? And do I need to open a sql...
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    Does pfsense require a dedicated machine

    so running freeradius on a pfsense box will take care of most of my wisp software needs would you say, mybe after that a redirect program to a login page. ofcourse after configuring everything. what else would you guys think i would need? thanks for your help
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    Does pfsense require a dedicated machine

    Thanks, now if I'm running a computer with pfsense can I install freeradius on the same box that is running the pfsense as the OS or do I need to run that on a box running linux? Thanks for the help, just trying to get my head around this stuff
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    Does pfsense require a dedicated machine

    I use linx to run my web servers what I don't understand is pfsense runs, it doesn't look as if it run as a program but that it is an OS and a program. For example I can run my webserver in the background and run other programs at the same time. It look as if I install pfsense on the hard...
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    Does pfsense require a dedicated machine

    I'm planning on using pfsense for a wisp I'm setting up and don't know mush about what I'm getting into yet concerning the software I'm going to use but it appears that pfsense will become the operating system for the machine. For example I run apache on a linx box for my web server but I can...

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