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    Ryzen 1600X not allowing high memory speeds

    my 1600 is running at 2133 lol I have a 2400 8x2 and a 3200 8x2 lol
  2. justmehereajax

    i5-6400 + Asus Z170-A

    I sold a i6 6600k for $140 after ebay fees
  3. justmehereajax

    Thermaltake Launches DDR4 RAM

    Now I remember TT. They use to have the scene back in early 2000s I think
  4. justmehereajax

    Hot Deals!!!!!

    Gonna build a nother Ryzen now.... Need moar new uptodate systems for myself to play with. Thanks for the deal
  5. justmehereajax

    6700K - Asus Z170 Hero - 32gb ddr4

    RFDs mikescomputer shop was selling 3000mhz ram a few days ago at $150 2x16gb kit team gorup I think
  6. justmehereajax

    Want to Buy WTB - Intel 7th Gen CPU only - i3 and up +

    Looking to make a HTPC with Kaby Lake. Need an i3 at least. PM me with offers.
  7. justmehereajax

    Apple iPad 1 - VNC Client that works?

    I have in possession an iPad 1 (2010 I know) - Would like to use it to remote in. It is limited in almost every way lol.... someone on another forum mentioned to remote in a pc to use it that way lol.. But that post was years ago. It still has incredible battery life and dual band wifi. I...
  8. justmehereajax

    Help Me, Intel or AMD for upgrade

    With the option to upgrade Ryzen to more upcoming CPUs, it just makes sense to buy the best RAM you can ATM. I will put a order in. It is a special order so I have to act fast. I don't need RGB. It is destined to be in a server in a crappy ATX case from the early 2000's lol. EDIT: Just bought...
  9. justmehereajax

    Help Me, Intel or AMD for upgrade

    I just bought some corsiar lpx 3200 for $105. 16gb 2x8gb now $115 https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=24_311_1326&item_id=096846 But thinking of returning it for gskill 3600 for $113 16gb 2x8gb. https://www.canadacomputers.com/product_info.php?cPath=24_311_1326&item_id=138249...
  10. justmehereajax

    Help Me, Intel or AMD for upgrade

    I can feel the difference between using older i5 and i7 before the core bump. The extra thread count makes multitasking seem smooth and responsive. I tried out a 6/12 ryzen 1600 and feel it makes a great upgrade from a typical i7 from intel. I dislike using computers with less than an i7 4/8...
  11. justmehereajax

    Help Me, Intel or AMD for upgrade

    I am thinking of getting 3600 memory because its like only $10-15 more than 3200. I am preparing for a 3rd gen Ryzen build. For an extra $10 I dont see why not. Good resale value I guess
  12. justmehereajax

    Help Me, Intel or AMD for upgrade

    I did not notice USB 3.0 PCI expansion that connect to headers have gotten cheaper. They are like $5.52 CDN shipped from China Ebay now. I used to buy ASUS branded 2x USB 2.0 and 1x Esata PCI expansion headers. I bought a bunch of them to use in multiple PCs I had. They were excellent quality...
  13. justmehereajax

    Help Me, Intel or AMD for upgrade

    Extra USB ports? I like that too on my mobo. My current Intel board has too little. But I usually add USB 2.0 PCI expansion that connects to headers on the board and they are like 5 bucks on ebay. Or a nice quality hub. I find the cheap hubs I get on ebay china doesn’t grab on USB devices no...
  14. justmehereajax

    Vstarcam IP Camera - Worth the Shot??? So far yes

    A couple years back I purchased a Vstarcam Sold at CC thinking it was worth the shot for a cheap IP Pan and Tilt Camera. I opened the box I looked at the sparse documentation it came with and how cheap feeling it was. I decided to just return it thinking not worth the trouble. Now couple years...

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