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    Hot Deals!!!!!

    Ok then I think I might as well just get the CPU for my B450 board. I think its worth the wait for a AMD Ryzen 4000 series compared to the nice 3600 deal amazon is always having
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    A hero has fallen - RIP John Fleming aka Soullessone21

    I worked with him on RHR for over one year. I drew the thumbnails for his website/youtube channel a year back and did some news articles. I was thinking of going back to work with him. I chat with him almost everyday on FB messenger asking how is life is. OMG I can't believe this!
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    Hot Deals!!!!!

    save 1 second of time
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    Hot Deals!!!!!

    I will wait for RYZEN 4000 and get nvme 4.0... I need more POWER!
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    Shipping time from China during COVID

    too long.... but I buy again lol. Half price than amazon. I can wait
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    Want to Buy Ryzen CPU (1 needed) Want to buy

    Looking to build another PC with my spare B450 board. I should have some RAM left so all I need is some older but good Ryzen CPU. PM what you got.
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    anyone use their iPad as an external monitor or digital pad?

    I have the 6th gen iPad 32gb with 1st gen pencil. Never really bothered using it. I will try it one day.lol (bought it 2018 fall) I want to try procreate. I also have the DuetDisplay app for $11USD .. laggy and hard to use as a second display because of the pixel density and resolution...
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    anyone use their iPad as an external monitor or digital pad?

    I have done it. Not very practical
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    Worth it?

  10. justmehereajax

    Worth it?

    I got 2 x 1TB SN750.. No complaints
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    Rants etc.....

    When I was using my PC, I only saw in task manager 8GB of RAM. I had 2x 8GB Corsair 3200MHz LPX I was like shit... Maybe the ASRock mobo ram slots died .. lol. I was thinking I should have bought ASUS/GB mobo ... I took out the RAM. Cleaned the Ram and slots and added a fan. Works now.
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    Samsung 870 QVO Review - a “terrible” SSD

    I have two QLC drives. 1TBs 860 QVO and BX500. I just use them for storage. I do wish I bought TLC. But I was early adopter and said to my self... Cheap SSDs? why not?
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    Post Your Desk

    I have RX 570 4gb or a 1060 3GB.... I dont game that often... just once a year now lol... I just want to play CS:GO
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    Post Your Desk

    Is a curved monitor really worth it? It is either I get a 28 inch 4K or some low res curved screen first. I am needing of a new monitor.
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    Whats your latest purchase?

    Danika Two-Handle High Arc Kitchen Faucet in Chrome LOL