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    large TV as monitor

    i'm using large screen TV to play games and noticed that most games were out of focus and internet text sucked. so searched for drivers started with MS Visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/ then Rad Video tools for windows all versions NOTE: this is not a cheat for its...
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    Unable to access USG locally/Internet

    check firmware of your network units using. Make sure getting correct Rev.X of unit, look for sticker on unit are you login with them to use thier network?
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    Help? Suggestions for side work & a future.

    I.T. from home or dispatching for carrier, food ordering company etc. don't be shy, shame to waste all the sound engineering equipment / exprience you have. Can offer your services on local postings for word of mouth travels fast, good hear to your taking care of depression have faith for...
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    A hero has fallen - RIP John Fleming aka Soullessone21

    Condolences to the ones left behind
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    GTX 1650 not dtected in BIOS/UEFI

    L0L the lights on nobody home Thanks SS putting us on the right track thought something was odd when went too 1 page an now see Thread starterGregory032 Start dateSep 30, 2019 on post gee what fool i'am
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    Are Hydro Copper and other OEM water cooled cards worth the cost?

    EK using CPC QDC second that only on disconnect use a paper towel to catch a few drips, stops flowing when separated not shown in video canada
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    GTX 1650 not dtected in BIOS/UEFI

    time for a newer MB dioscontinued all i find DQ77MK BIOS 0074 strange you say gigabyte lights up wondering if you have a intel MB or Gigabyte
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    Rants etc.....

    SS sure you didn't order the explosion proof desk lol i drill 1/8 pilot for the 1/4 hole saw pilot sounds you need to use cobolt bits slow speed or use spray bottle filled with water to bits / saw
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    Rants etc.....

    caveman style (outside of home) 1" pipe and oven mit, heat pipe with propane torch and melt your hole in plastic
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    3 pin splitter

    first check load of the fans using for some MB fan headers are low wattage if your fans excede that load will burn out fan header. check MB manual if has that info or contact MB support to find out what max load header can take lets say 2 fans loads = 1.6 amps 19.2 watts and MB header...
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    How to stop speaker feedback?

    try another set of speakers, mite be that ones using voice coils are burnt will do that of what you desribed gurbled hum: grounding issues with power source or bad input cable with no ground feed back check sound properties .... uncheck playthrough speakers
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    Are Hydro Copper and other OEM water cooled cards worth the cost?

    whats the point of watercooling video cards if only actively doing GPU and forget about VR thats is the heart of video Shippman take notes on VR cooling and spit out a block and prove that active cooling on VR makes a difference
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    Are Hydro Copper and other OEM water cooled cards worth the cost?

    correct they a part of water block but no water flows to them I'm talking VR here, they are out of the loop as FK say use metal to cool VR an need air flow over it to get max cooling
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    Are Hydro Copper and other OEM water cooled cards worth the cost?

    odd = off ? that will be the VR on card and there is no water flow directly over them as GPU has flow, so it goes to waterblock material not to rad 2080 VR idles around 91c loaded 117c-121c (VRM package Operating temperature range: -40°C to +125°C ) (correction was F setting on temp...
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    Are Hydro Copper and other OEM water cooled cards worth the cost?

    yes what happens to radiant heat produced from GPU, will bring case temps up if not removed HeatKiller All The Way