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    Countdown to Christmas - Day 15 - The Big Apple

    At first I thought it was stupid but the iPad is proving to be more and more useful
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    iPhone 4 antenna problems

    Does anyone know if this issue has been entirely fixed with the phones being shipped now? My contract is up on the 26th so not really an option to wait....well I could but I'll be giving up the credits I'm currently getting
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    Whats a new laptop with a broken lcd worth?

    As I said before it doesn't matter the point of this thread is to figure out what i can get for the laptop considering you can always just plug it into a monitor and have a desktop PC lol
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    Whats a new laptop with a broken lcd worth?

    basically what happened is i got the laptop, saw the broken LCD but needed it at that time so went ahead and did the windows config thingy used it for the day then some personal stuff came up and when i got around to contacting NCIX (well within 30 days) they tell me know because i must have...
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    Whats a new laptop with a broken lcd worth?

    Hey I bought a Lenovo g550 from NCIX but when I opened it up it had a cracked LCD so about the 25% of the left of the screen and a little bit of the bottom edge doesn't work but the rest works fine the laptop is bran new about a month old and NCIX has been very unhelpful with use of their...
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    Cheap Cable Ties (100 for $2)

    Have you ever been to a Dollarama? lol they have a bunch of different sizes
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    The Pacific on HBO. Anyone else going to watch it?

    very disappointing
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    Arcade !

    Any pics of the completed project Braineater?
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    looking for a laptop

    Had a horrible experience with a previous laptop purchase I had made with them I was kind of hoping for a suggestion or two the ones that are more popular or people have heard good things about
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    looking for a laptop

    Hey so my old Toshiba A70 has died This laptop needs to be at least 15 inches (bigger is better) needs to have a dual core cpu at least 2GB of RAM, HDD size doesn't matter It CANNOT be an HP Cheaper is better It will be used by my old man for checking the stats on the football games and...
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    Want to Sell Mark One Sale

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the card has been used for a week and the accessories come in the packaging (look at the pictures)
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    Problem booting freenas from USB

    hm.... i might give that a shot I was running it off the live CD and try embedding onto the usb with and without the swap partition EDIT just tried physdiskwrite and I can see the usb in the hard disk boot list but i get the disk read error, please insert system disk. using freenas ISO for the...
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    Problem booting freenas from USB

    Hey so I have freenas running pretty much the way I want to but every time I restart I lose my configuration. I have tried with two thumbdrives and I get the following: FreeBSD/i386 boot Default:0:fd(0,a)/boot/kernal/kernal boot: anyone have any ideas on whats wrong? at first I thought it...
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    Help freenas and ASUS o!play

    Hey I was wondering if anyone can help me configure my freenas to show up on my oplay? I am new to freenas but i think i understand the basics. its on my network because i can see the webgui on my pc but when i go to the O!play menu all I am able to see is all my desktop and laptop PC's except...