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    Thank you for your interest. You can purchase my item through ebay if you want. I'm a power seller in ebay with 3900+ feedback. As for the HX1000 there is no more warranty because my recipt is lost but everything is working.

    You have no heatware or anything?... Rep anywhere, anything to say your trustable?... I would be interested in making a deal with the hx 1000 but need the info on warranty and stuff. Possibly the rad too if it came with the fittings and a better combo price shipped. Would put deposit on it and pay the rest when the gear checks out.
    I am not willing to take a huge risk. Let me know if your interested. You can ship the gear eco(Slower) too to save cash. I'm not in a terrible hurry. I have heatware and redflagdeals feedback all 100 percent positive . Money would be payed by paypal.
    blackheart | HeatWare.com
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