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    Corsair k90 availability

    Just received a notice from NCIX that they have it in stock.
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    @Livestrong AMD Eyefinity Validated Dongles Above is the link that AMD/ATI certified for Eyefinity, just make sure it is ACTIVE not passive...buy one of those for your Displayport connection and you're golden.
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    Can someone invite me to Google plus ?

    Just sent your one!
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    AMD 11.6 weird issue

    Did you disable your antivirus and firewall software? If you don't you will have some failed installation of drivers. Uninstall and redo. I didn't disable mine on 11.4 and it caused some weird artifacts in games...so I just uninstall/reinstall with disabled antivirus/firewall and everything...
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    Asad_A203's first WC Build (in an Antec 902)!

    Don't you need some tubes? :P What's the purpose of having Serial and Parallel bridge at the same time? Don't think you can do that, it's one OR the other.
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    New setup pic

    All that shake/roll/lean meant to take out all the little bubbles in the loop. You have the most air-bubbles when you first filling the tubes with liquid...stop and start the pump, several time is the key. Sorry for the confusion :doh:...you're right, refilling is to top the res. NO rolling...
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    How much does a case really matter?

    On top is 360mm RAD (internally mounted) and 240mm on the back of the case. Each to their own on this one. Cable routing is totally depending on how you much time you put into it. Originally I've debated between 800D and the HAF-X. I would have bought the 800D but my justification is the...
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    How much does a case really matter?

    @alberto this is my setup atm...http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/water-cooling/44325-new-setup-pic.html I've just realized, by the way, in the my own thread...I've commented on your reply. :biggrin: @enaberif What do you mean by "internal clutter"? I find it to work fine and plenty of...
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    How much does a case really matter?

    I would recommend HAF-X case...cause I'm biased :P
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    I do not recommend Razer

    I used to have Logitech mx518, and that thing still works great...now resides with my wife's comp. Presently, using Razer Imperator with latest firmware update and no problem for about a year or so.
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    Best bang for the buck 120gb or 128gb ssd

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    New setup pic

    You might want to tell the customer to shortening up the tubes though :biggrin:...I've generously went for longer tubes so when I re-fill/bleeding the loop, so I don't have to remove everything out. And don't have to shake/roll/lean/sideway the case to get all the bubbles out. Damn thing is...
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    PC to TV?

    If my memory serves me correctly, for S-Video; 50ft max for normal-quality cable. Up to 100ft if you use good-quality one.
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    Which SSD to get?!?

    You can try Corsair Performance series 3 128gb variety, which I've been using for last couple of weeks...No problem so far. Booting into windows under 30 seconds flat! Like you I was considering OCZ but too many trouble..so I decided to try Corsair. Now I want to get another one for my...
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    Where do people in Vancouver area get their headphones?

    Headphone Bar I've deal with them..the guy that I talked to was very courteous and helpful...if you have any question he's pretty straightforward and try to help you out.

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