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    Want to Buy u3011 Monitor Stand

    I managed to pick up an aggressively priced used u3011, but it did not come with a stand. Perhaps if someone in the GVRD has an extra, please let me know your price.
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    Someone in Toronto/Scarborough willing to do a favor for me?

    Etymotic ER4P/T IEM + Extras (For Parts/Repair, Read Carefully) | headphones | City of Toronto | Kijiji Is someone willing to either meet up with the seller and meet with me closer to downtown before Saturday or just ship it to my place in Vancouver? It's a great product and I'd hate to miss...
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    Hot Deals!!!!!

    Crucial Factory Recertified Refurb Crucial M500 960gb - $179 480gb - $99
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    !nverse: A Highly Versatile Console Form-Factor Case

    Only thing I noticed is that there isn't a reset button. I don't suppose it would be too difficult to locate it beside the power/usb/audio jacks. :biggrin:
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    Want to Sell Odds and Ends GVRD

    New items added.
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    Want to Sell Odds and Ends GVRD

    Focus FK2001 Mechanical Keyboard - Immaculate condition, with white alps switches and doubleshot keycaps. Also has Chinese characters on the keycaps, if you're into that kind of thing. Uses a 4pin din connector. Comes with box...
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    Want to Sell watercooling fittings

    Hi, just wondering which model Gentle Typhoons you are selling.
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    Want to Sell My 5h17 liquidation post

    I'm not supposed to buy buying more stuff...but which model Corsair power supply and where in BC are you located?
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    Gigantic CPU cooler from Cryorig, the AF41

    The last fan is oriented backwards...
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    Want to Buy 21-23in any brand monitor

    I have three Dell Ultrasharp 2209wa for sale in Vancouver, if you're nearby.
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    GPU running hot, what's the problem?

    Thanks for the suggestions, all. I would say I'm about 99% done with the problem, as the cards are running 59/50 under furmark with the fans on the controller at ~5v (~900rpm), and 45/41 gaming. There's very likely an air pocket left somewhere, but I'll save that headache for another day.
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    GPU running hot, what's the problem?

    Cool, I'll look into that. Too bad my bridge is acetal and not plexi. The plexi blocks sure made it easy to check for air in the gpu blocks...
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    GPU running hot, what's the problem?

    Setup is as follows: 3930k stock SLI GTX680 4gb stock speed/voltage - ek csq blocks with ek triple parallel bridge with one blank in the middle swiftech 480 + 240 with 2150 gentle typhoons d5 vario pump After finally getting everything together, and after leak testing, I power on, install...
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    buttload of stuff for PC

    I typically sell extra 1tb hdds for $60 and 500gb for $35 on craigslist and they end up going pretty quickly.
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    Case Mod Project "Death Star: Episode 1"

    My guess is it's a Lutro product from FrozenCPU.