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    Want to Sell SOLD! - EVGA GTX 780 SC ACX

    Selling my GTX 780 Superclocked with an ACX cooler attached, as I have replaced it with a new card. Card is in great condition and has seen moderate use, no overclocking above what it shipped with has been attempted. I do not have the box it shipped in. Moved in the interim to a place with...
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    Graphics Card Coil Whine; An Investigation, Comment Thread

    I'm not 100% certain of that. This is completely anecdotal, but I remember coil whine existing on all my cards back in the day. The difference was that I could only hear it if I was trying to look for it, because it was hidden inside a case that sounded like a jet engine all the time. Hell...
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    Ottawa has been spying on you

    In 2014, I can't believe people still hold this hilariously naïve belief. The US after the Patriot Act is swarming with examples of innocent people having their lives ruined (information leaked, being denied the right to fly, having bank accounts frozen, etc.) because the government suspects...
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    Want to Sell GTX 670 WindForce OC - SOLD

    Sorry to all who messaged in here and/or sent me a PM, but the transaction has been completed with the first person who contacted me.
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    Want to Sell GTX 670 WindForce OC - SOLD

    Looking to sell my GTX 670 WindForce OC. It's in great condition as I didn't end up playing very many games the past year and I replaced it with a GTX 780 months ago. I do not have the box to go with it. Sorry. Usually I'm pretty obsessive about keeping that kind of thing so I'm not sure...
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    Want to Buy WTB Gigabyte GTX 670 OC windforce (or similar silent cooler)

    Hey There; If you are still looking, I actually pulled out that exact card out of my system last week to replace with a 780. About 8 months use out of it, and somewhat light use at that as I haven't been gaming much recently. I don't think I have the original box anymore though. If you're...
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    Tomb Raider comment thread

    So I finished this game and it's....okay? There are parts of it that I like but then I turn a corner and I start disliking it again. - Combat is occasionally frustrating, but for the most part it is just mindnumbingly tedious. Shoot the three guys using any weapon (they all feel the same) as...
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    Planning on upgrading to 2560 resolution...thoughts?

    I've currently got a GTX 670 as well and currently still actually have my i7-920 going. My current guess is 2 GB of video card ram is going to be insufficient in the near future, as the only thing that held it back for so long was the limited amount of video memory on current consoles, which...
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    Planning on upgrading to 2560 resolution...thoughts?

    So my current PC is playing games just fine, but I'm getting the itch. I'm thinking of building a new PC from scratch, with the added intent of moving up to either a 27" or 30" monitor at the same time. Do you think building a new PC once Haswell comes about (and probably the 700 series of video...
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    Want to Sell Powercolor HD 7970 EDIT: SOLD!!

    Yeah, the first responder was incredibly quick. (You were beaten by only 5 minutes, zoob.) I guess I could have priced it higher but it is used and as someone who was given a new free card it was pure profit for me. Sorry guys!
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    Want to Sell Powercolor HD 7970 EDIT: SOLD!!

    EDIT: Card has been sold. Thanks for your interest. I got ahold of a free new video card so I am selling the original reference version of a Powercolor HD 7970. Originally purchased back in January, but I went through quite a long gaming slump so it's probably not that heavily used. I have...
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    New 7900 series driver

    I was having an issue with my card crashing the computer when idle for a long time, but this seems to have fixed that.
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    ordering 7970 from where and what brand?

    I couldn't help it. I just saw the cards in stock on NCIX this morning and my impulse got the better of me. It's a good thing I got a Christmas bonus because I had to buy antibiotics for my cat today as well. I already told myself that I should wait and see what Nvidia offered but I already...
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    ASUS Introduces New Designo ML Series Super-slim LED Monitor Models

    Well, if the article is correct, this set has IPS panels instead of TN.
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    200GB to 25GB: Canada gets first, bitter dose of metered Internet

    Uh, how do you figure that? They literally have to raise their prices to what it is now otherwise they will be taking a loss. Or do you not understand the CRTC decision?