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    Bitfenix Whisper 650m

    So today the psu i have ordered did finally arrive. I was strongly recommended this exact type. So the package is here, ripping it apart like a child at xmas, quickly start plugging in the cables, and i get this. Please somebody tell me they included the wrong cable or something, and this is...
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    Good airflow on a budget.

    By the time i decided to go with meshify C, giving up some of my criteria, the price of it increased to 120 dollars. The X3 is also around 110 now. So right now i am trying to decide between the following cases. Unless i find something in the next couple of days that is better. CoolerMaster...
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    Good airflow on a budget.

    Symetrical front is the word i was looking for, rather than ocd friendly, sorry, not a native speaker. The azza is definitely not one, and the V200 has the glass panel side curved, while the other is a normal corner. Edit: From Cooler Master MS600 looks great, but i am affraid of it having no...
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    Good airflow on a budget.

    Hello everyone, i registered here in hope of getting some help, or at least a wider perspective. So let's get to it. Just recently, i retired my old x58 and i7-920 and the CNPS9900MAX cooler. Psu (TX650 > RM550), GPU (XFX R9 280X DD > undecided / preferably something with maximum 1x 6pin) and...