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  • >If you are worried invest in the CM Hyper 212+, it keeps my 860 below ~62* while clocked at 3.6 and Folding the -bigadv WU's (workunits). And that's with an 26* ambient room temp...

    I almost did order the 212 but didn't think I'd be doing anything like folding and running the CPU at 100% for long durations. I wanted it for 3D raytracing and fractal rendering.

    BTW - if you want to show the degree ° symbol - it's one of the extended characters in the typeface - to get it you press and hold the ALT KEY, then press the numbers 2, 4, then 8 and release the ALT KEY and you get the degree symbol. If you press/hold ALT KEY 2,4,9 you get ∙
    If you press/hold ALT, 0,2,4,then 8 you get this ø - but it may be different depending on the font you're using

    Yellowpipe - Special ALT Characters
    Just noticed your location and I don't know if I've mentioned this before in the forums, but I went to high school up in Low. My father is still there running a business making/repairing cedar/canvas canoes (paugin falls canoe works).
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