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  • Hi I am just about ready for a new build and have a few products I intended on using but need help with a all around graphics card that will work perfect. First I will use the corsair Obsidian 550d case along with the Asus P8Z77-V-Premium Board and Intel i7 3770k CPU, corsair Hydro series H100 cooler, Corsair dominator platinum ram, corsair Force GS 480 or the Neutron GTX 480 SSD, Corsair AX850 power supply and Asus Blu Ray combo.
    This is where I need help as I have looked at several Graphic cards but hard to know which one will do the job. My requirements are HTPC (Home theatre) Photo and Video editing and of course some Gaming so an all round card. It seem like when you look at the description of a good graphics card there is no mention on how they will work in the areas I have defined, so I am looking for a little expertise to fine the ultimate card for my build.

    So I am not sure which one would be the best or none of them. Hope I can get a clear and distinctive answer.
    hey im looking to update my rig i have a x52 sabertooth with a i7 950 cooled by a h50 with 2 gtx 570 24gb ram 1200w psu 2 1tb hdd all in a haf x what would you do
    While I can't watch your live streams live I find the recordings very enjoyable and I thank you for taking out so much of your time to answer our questions. I was hoping you might post a thread here perhaps a week before each session so that those incapable of watching in real time could still ask questions. Either way, I hope all is well with you and yours.
    Hey Linus i was wondering if this cpu cooler any better than most water or air cooled coolers considering its both water and air cooled ?? PCCooler OC3 W120 heres a link W120-Shantou jinlong machinery factory:biggrin:
    hi good day sir linus,

    i would like to ask if it's worth it to buy a OEM windows 7 product or the Full Package Product?, what are the pros and cons between this two products?, what are the limitations of this products?

    sorry for the silly question but i'm confused about the difference between the OEM and the FPP, since i'm one of your fans i couragely ask you this questions, hope you could help me with this one ^^

    your fan,
    I must say I enjoy your reviews, your the only person I watch and you turned me on to NCIX ahhhh great marketing on your behalf lol ! I also must say the PSU Prices on NCIX are hands down the best prices I have ever seen any where ! Well when ever you get a chance and I hop its soon, maybe we can get a game of battlefield 3 going or something. O and nice Bengal cat you have, I am buying one from a breeder this week hopefully:) ! Greg from Rhode Island some what close to Canada lol
    Do you really happen to be the famous LinusTechTips,i'm Ivan's friend on facebook,he's a really cool person. (and i know he's the one and only crazy russian)
    hey linus
    can you do an unboxing of the LG Flatron DM2780D-PZ. this seems like a cool screen.
    but I can not review or unboxing find so maybe you would want to Unbox
    I hope you will

    and please keep up the good work!:clap:

    greets Gijs
    Hi linus, m ur subscriber since last 2 yrs. Never missed any of ur techtips, and same like that, i saw ur rig upgrade, all i want is plz after fully completing ur rig, plz post it on linustechtips channel and plz reply me your all pc specs from cpu to case, plz i want it, plz!!!


    Your Fan,
    Hey just wanted to say Thanks! for the Corsair SP2500 review. I bought them on boxing day and they sound amazinggggg. TYVM
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