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    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    Carnival Row , Pennyworth, The Terror, Wild Bill, WU Assassins, Warrior (2019).
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    Computer won't power on at all

    My experience - testing everything out and still nothing - no power up on trying to power up - has usually been bad power supply or bad motherboard (very rare if it is the cpu). If you had the system set to reboot on power event..perhaps some kinda surge happened. Could try clearing the cmos...
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    Plex premium for home to remote location streaming

    7.72Mbps should be more than enough to do at 720p and unless your pc is a complete pos it should be able to trans-code one stream---although if it is a 4k video trans-coding to 720p ---that could strain weak systems or fail trying.
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    Anyone have experience with black mold?

    Sunlight is suppose to kill black mold. Computer desk bits---- Perhaps put out in the sun on a good day or more. Maybe consider sanding the desk parts..outside well ventilated. If I was using that desk again---i'd probably get it so it is raised up a little... to allow some airflow...
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    8.8km Bridge with airFiber 5XHD's

    Thanks for the replies! Pretty much no rain fade at all. I should mention I initially did a test setup with a couple of PowerBeam PB 5AC Gen 2's costing around $400 to $500 NZD. They were connecting at around a pretty impressive 300Mbps. But....Knowing there was a 900/400 connection sitting...
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    8.8km Bridge with airFiber 5XHD's

    Till recently I was only able to get 10Mbps down and 1.0Mbps up. A friend in town got fiber recently, and has a clear los to my house on the coast. He's allowed me to mount a dish on his roof. The ONT has 4 connections....so I setup an account in my name for one these connections and ran the...
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    IP camera software to view remotely on phone

    Blue Iris app...it can get the IP when it changes. On another note ----- I created a group in my EdgeRouter, put the ip numbers for the cameras in the group and then blocked the group from having internet access. Prevents the cameras from calling home.
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    4k HTPC GPU ??

    I am not sure what you watch your media with...i'd give it a go with what you have. My experience with Emby or Plex...the only time my system takes a hit (4770k with a gtx 980ti), is when I play a 4k file and it is being trans-coded down to 1080p (I only have a 1080p tv in living room). But...
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    IP cameras. What is a good brand ?

    Dahua (Dahua Starlight for good night time picture quality) or Hikvision. Both work easily enough with Blue Iris. From over at ipcamtalk - "note - some of the lorex kits sold at Costco are Dahua OEM though w/o the Dahua IVS features - some are not and are from another OEM which I have not...
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    Potheads 🌿 Cannabis IQ

    It is going to be really interesting when I go home for a visit to the folks in NB summer 2019. Maybe someday NZ will follow... Years ago....I found this a very interesting watch. The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007) ohh and lol this one Grannies try weed for the first time
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    The 'What are you watching' Thread

    I can't seem to find any mention of these shows....so I thought I would list them. Cuckoo (UK) The Rain (Danish) Harrow (Aussie) - awesome show! McMafia (British) El Chapo Doctor Doctor (Aussie) Ballers Broadchurch (British) American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story
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    Did i damage something if i turn off monitor by power button during load?

    No, it won't hurt the computer... Hmm..post us a picture of your computer setup.
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    Call of Duty: WWII locking Ultrawide users to 80 FOV

    https://community.sledgehammergames.com/t5/Sledgehammer-Games/Call-of-Duty-WWII-Pre-Download-Begins-Tomorrow-on-Steam/ba-p/10449084#M259 Bugger!
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    Win 7 to Win 10

    Just a week ago I installed Win10 on a system and used my Win7 key -- worked fine.