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  • Hey! tnx for ur replay... about the psu's some of them are, but im a bit confused... how much W's should i need on this rig... if i might OC the cpu a bit and maybe have a second gpu in the future? From the oens u listed "Seasonic, Corsair, XFX,, Silverstone, Antec, Enermax" only ones it hink we dont have is XFX and Silverstone... i can look up on the forums wich are good psu's but the W what i need to know :p
    about cases i'm between 3
    Zalman Z9 Plus
    CoolerMaster's Storm Scout
    This Antec Dark Fleet DF-10
    or maybe Aerocool PGS Series VX-9 Pro

    I hope u have a chance to replay
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