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    Completed Meshify C, 8700K - my journey to a custom loop

    Update here on pump noise. I finally got around to switching my PWM pump from using the water pump header on my motherboard to using a PWM chassis fan header. On the water pump header the pump was running at over 4000 (reported in the BIOS) all the time. Although still not overly loud, it was...
  2. Lysrin

    I have a few concerns regarding ultrawide monitors

    Congrats! Nice purchase indeed. Very glad you are happy with it. Pics of it in its new natural habitat are always appreciated ;)
  3. Lysrin

    how many of you have udpated BIOS' on your personal PC's to fight Spectre & Meltdown?

    I've done all the OS, browser updates but haven't done anything with my BIOS in quite some time. Not really for any specific reason, just because it hasn't bubbled to the top of my to-do list; not that I was specifically trying to avoid a performance impact.
  4. Lysrin

    Welcome New Members

    Welcome to the forum! I'm not into folding but I believe there are others here that are.
  5. Lysrin

    The new Google stuff - Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go, Nest, etc...

    If you want pure Android and access to frequent security and OS updates Pixel is the way to go. I've had Nexus and Pixel phones for a long time now. Never been disappointed.
  6. Lysrin

    The new Google stuff - Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go, Nest, etc...

    Well, yeah 4 min exposure... you can accomplish that shot then with any real camera and a tripod. I was thinking they meant it was some kind of improved AI added to the Night Sight camera mode that accomplished that with a more reasonable exposure time. Wishful thinking ;)
  7. Lysrin

    Lian-li Dynamic 011 Razer - Custom Cables Advice

    As Izerous said, main compartment, so that would be any of the cables that plug into the video card, motherboard, or hard drives if they end up in the front compartment. This is motherboard too but fan cables can sometimes be visible depending on where you run them. This build log by sswilson...
  8. Lysrin

    The new Google stuff - Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go, Nest, etc...

    I'll keep an eye on my Pixel 3 then! It is a used one, but in perfect shape, so far so good. Bluetooth range doesn't seem as good as my Pixel 2 though with my Pebble dropping connection in certain parts of the house, oddly enough. I agree about the price for the Pixel 4, or any other flagship...
  9. Lysrin

    The new Google stuff - Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go, Nest, etc...

    Just in case anyone missed it, the new Google stuff is live for pre-order. The Pixel 4 seems decent (just went to a Pixel 3 so I'm good for now) and the new Pixelbook Go seems like a decently spec'd mid to high end Chromebook. Pricey still but not crazy like the previous official Chromebooks...
  10. Lysrin

    2080 Ti - Weird Gpu Power spike in Firestrike

    I tried to say that. Maybe it'll make more sense from a Mod ;) Honestly sew333. I'm 99% sure you have nothing to worry about based on what you've show. Enjoy your PC!
  11. Lysrin

    I have a few concerns regarding ultrawide monitors

    Well, it almost got on mine! 😏 1200 is better than 1080 as you say, and fine for games I would think, but I need that extra vertical res for anything else I work on.
  12. Lysrin

    I have a few concerns regarding ultrawide monitors

    That a beastly thing Mr. Friendly, but this link says 3840 x 1200 resolution. So wider, but less vertical. I wouldn't like that. I'd actually like to have 1600 vertical if I could. Is there another model of the Lenovo...
  13. Lysrin

    Post your WaterCooled PC pics here thread

    Yeah, I'd agree to waiting. If you are going for that big of an investment in GPU, then you should certainly hold out for the Ti. You think 2x is worth it these days though? With the falling away of SLI support seems like could be money spent with little return? Bragging rights would certainly...
  14. Lysrin

    2080 Ti - Weird Gpu Power spike in Firestrike

    Wow sew333... I can't fault you for your attention to detail but you're way too concerned about the small stuff! A 1ms change in clock and power is nothing. The clocks and power consumption change all the time for any number of reasons for many components in a modern PC. Close your logs, play...
  15. Lysrin

    Star Citizen

    I was just going to post that lol Here's a link to the highlights: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17252-Alpha-37-Into-The-Depths Caves look well done (we didn't need them imo but still interesting); the personal inventory is a nice addition; the new character...
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